From Gotham to ChiTown: Part 8

As compiled by Barbara Ofosu-Somuah (NYMP11)

The experience of being a Posse scholar is somewhat hard to comprehend if you’re not a part of Posse. Sure, we can explain the process but unless you have actually gone through it, it is really just like a story on a page (a detached understanding). The beauty of the Posse family on campus is that there are people, older and younger, who knows exactly what you are going through. There is an unspoken connection that Posse scholars have, regardless of how frequently they might interact. Being a Posse scholar is a connection to a family. Every April, when the pre-collegiate Posse comes to Middlebury’s campus for the fist time [on accepted students’ weekend], there is an excited stir in the Posse family. Being a Posse scholar on campus is like being an older sibling; we are both eager and curious to meet the new additions to our family. Come April of 2012, we will get to anticipate not only one but TWO Posses visiting on campus. Our family is growing, and not only in size but in connections and support. It has been an amazing experience being able to see Posse scholars from New York City who have lived the same experience as you have and now I can go to Chicago and have the same feeling of familiarity. I know that this change has brought a lot of mixed feelings both within and outside of the Middlebury Posse community because there is apprehension about what having double the amount of Posse scholars on campus will look like but to me, it looks like double the Posse Love.
Kya Adetoro (NYMP11)

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