final empathy post

My partner and I met up to reflect on what we observed and learned through this exercise. We decided that we both substantially noticed the little things throughout the day a whole lot more than we used to. Middlebury College is a very interesting place filled with amazing people and opportunities. This exercise truly helped me appreciate the small moments in life.

camel challenge reaction

After reading the daily updates from the camel group, I was intrigued by individuals’ reactions and strategy of how they used their allocated water supply. Although I realized the allotted amount of water was minimal, I did not realize how difficult it would be to keep track of each individual use of water. For example, it seemed very difficult to accommodate some water for the simple task of washing dishes or flushing the toilet. I was extremely impressed by the camel group’s completion of the task and their reactions made me realize how lucky we are to have easy access to water.

Thanksgiving Break

This Thanksgiving break truly allowed me to appreciate many things. I am from the West Coast and was able to go home to see my family and friends this past week. Upon talking to my different friends about their individual college experiences, I realized how special of a community Middlebury is. Even though I missed the city life, there were times throughout the break I really missed seeing my friends from MIDD  and spend time with my classmates. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to learn in such a unique place.

fall dance performance

The work-in-progress showing truly made me realize the time and effort that goes into creating and perfecting individual performances. Even though this was only the second work-in-progress showing, all of the dancers did a stellar job. I was so amazed by certain performances’ synchronization and complexity. Observing these performances allowed me to understand the meaning behind particular movements, repetitions, and song and lighting selection. Great job to all performers and directors.

helping others

This past weekend, I had the chance to visit my cousin in Boston. She showed me around the city and her favorite places she goes throughout the week. However, as we were walking around, I began to notice the immense amount of homeless living on the streets. In particular, I noticed a young man who asked for food rather than money. My cousin and I gave him our leftovers from dinner, and his face immediately lit up. Knowing that we improved someone’s day made us not only feel a lot better, but also made us realize that even the smallest acts of kindness can go a long way.


Coming from California, I have never actually seen snow fall. However, today was the first day I witnessed snow falling from the sky. My roommate and I sprinted outside in our flip flops and stood out there watching the snow fall to the ground. Even though it wasn’t “pretty” snow, it was an awesome moment for me. The beautiful leaves, the different temperatures, and the snow all make me appreciate Vermont’s true beauty.

surrounding support

This past weekend, the volleyball team played Amherst and Williams at home. Even though it was pouring rain on Friday night, a significant amount of people still made their way across campus to the gym to support the team’s most important conference match. It was really special to see all the people that cared to support their fellow classmates and friends. This act of support truly allowed me to realize how important and special Middlebury’s community is because those who attended the game ultimately made those on the team feel large amounts of support. In my opinion, the crowd heavily influenced our win over Amherst!


the little things

Sometimes we fail to take a step back and appreciate the simple things that others do for us. For instance, as I was walking back to my dorm carrying multiple packages through the pouring rain, someone saw me crossing the street and offered to help carry some of what I was holding. I’m not sure if he was headed in the same direction as I was, but he helped me carry the boxes all the way back to my building. He surely did not need to stop and help me, but without his help, I probably would have struggled to get everything back to my room intact. Sometimes I forget to stop and appreciate others’ help, specifically the simple things someone does for us. These simple things can end up meaning a whole lot more than what they seem.

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