Love, Sex, Race, Disability

About the Course
In this course we will explore the connections between gender and sexuality, race, and disability. Culture and representation, understandings of diversity and difference, and contexts (political, social, and historical) will provide central areas of study. Comparing and integrating topics and perspectives, we will critically analyze the constructions and politics of identity (and multiple identities) and historical perspectives on gender and sexuality, race, and disability. We also will consider the impact of education and activism, as well as the meanings of intimate relationships across and between genders and sexualities, races, and disabilities. Our work will foster a fundamental reexamination of American life and history through its study of bodies and minds, identities, languages, cultures, citizenship and rights, power and authority, what is “natural” and “unnatural.” This course will draw on diverse sources, including documentary and Hollywood films, poetry and short fiction, academic texts, and memoirs.

Movement Matters is partnering with this course in the considerations of sensory, physical experience and to bring awareness to the ways in which we come to understand diversity and difference in regard to the body.

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