With collaborators Silvina López Barrera and David Miranda Hardy

Friday, March 18 | 8p | MCA 110
Saturday, March 19 | 8p | MCA 110
Saturday, April 30 | 7:30p | Castleton University, Casella Theater

photo by George Bouret
photo by George Bouret

Review by Middlebury College Student, Melisande Brie McLaughlin. 

Rehearsal 1
Rehearsal 1

Landing/Shifting (working title) is a performance work being created as part of the Movement Matters Residency at Middlebury College. Maree ReMalia (Mellon Interdisciplinary Choreographer) is working in collaboration with Silvina López Barrera (Professor of Architecture) and David Miranda Hardy (Professor of Film and Sound).

Initial lines of inquiry for this project began with questions related to the way we define public and private spaces. What happens in the liminal spaces that exist between public and private? What happens when we bring private moments into public spaces? What are the ways we are being tracked or are living within states of surveillance in private places? What are the boundaries of our public and private lives with the onset of social media and a barrage of news sources. Who or what is constructing our public spaces and who or what is invited to be present? What are the ways in which these platforms are impacting our identity, perception, and being? What are the limiting and liberating factors of various structures and spatial configurations?

9.2 Meeting

  • Environmental commentary: Parklet Movement (pop-up park, auto/public, etc.)
  • Watch Films for Action:
  • Surveillance/Tracking Location, is power carried by user?
  • paradigm on public space, reclaiming unused space
  • space that is not public or private–in between–interesting threshold with full public transitioning to private
  • Potential collaboration Fall 2016 Dance Studio Design

9.10 Rehearsal Notes

  • In between spaces
  • public vs. private spaces
  • location tracking
  • what are the limitations of spatial configurations?
  • what are personal objects that could be brought into public spaces to make them private?
  • what might be considered transgressive physical behavior in public spaces?
  • private objects in public spaces, juxtaposition, interruption
  • spectrum of subtle to obvious, texture, speed

Potential objects:

  • chairs
  • corrugated cardboard
  • crepe paper
Rehearsal 2
Rehearsal 2

9.15 Rehearsal Notes and On Point Radio Show

  • Suzuki/Butoh style following warm-up
  • Bebe side to side
  • Building of phrase from side to side inspired material
  • Random chair configuration, improvising/using phrase material with chairs
  • Discuss juxtaposition of organized space/random or chaotic movement and random objects/set and organized/unison movement

To Do:

  • Take photos of public “Do Not” or “No” signs
  • Watch The 5 Obstructions (movie)
  • A More Physical Form of Mindfulness: How intelligence lives beyond the brain. In your body. Intelligence, in the flesh.
  • Building new material: explore gestures/actions/behaviors that are physically transgressive in public spaces and limitations/possibilities in public configurations (draw from 5 gestures score/5 modes of travel/etc.).

10.6 Olafur Eliasson The Collectivity Project (May 29-September 30)

The Collectivity Project by Olafur Eliasson & public NY Highline 2015
The Collectivity Project
by Olafur Eliasson & public
NY Highline 2015

For Panorama, Eliasson presents The collectivity project, an installation of white LEGO® bricks that features an imaginary cityscape conceived and designed by the public. Visitors to the High Line are welcomed to play with the installation, building and rebuilding the structures over time. As the inevitable entropy of the piece begins to soften the hard edges of the designed structures, and mounds of loose pieces gather in the corners between buildings, a beautiful collective creation takes form. Installed in the growing shadow of the real estate development of Hudson Yards, the mutable, human-scale artwork provides a compelling counterpoint to the concrete-and-steel towers that form the project’s backdrop. The collectivity project has previously been installed in public squares in Tirana, Albania (2005), Oslo, Norway (2006), and Copenhagen, Denmark (2008).

Fat Boy Slim Praise You, thanks Gigi Gatewood for sharing some dance in public space!


Iris Van Herpens Extraordinary Clothes are More Like Wearable Sculptures

Please Touch the Art Jeppe Hein Installation

Silvina López Barrera Wearable Architecture Assignment


Silvina Lopez Barrera Architecture Course
Silvina Lopez Barrera Architecture Course

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Public “No” Signs

Middlebury & NY
Middlebury & NY
NY Subway
NY Subway
NY Subway
NY Subway
NY Subway
NY Subway

Rehearsal 10.8

Room Writing for generating movement material from private space
Room Writing for generating movement material from private space

10.20 No Images from Middlebury, VT and DMVIMG_4161 IMG_4167


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