Movement Labs

Spring 2016 (Faculty and Staff)
Thursdays | 5:00pm-7:00pm | MCA 110

Fall 2016 (Faculty, Staff, Students, Community)
Thursdays | 4:30-6:30pm | MCA 109

The weekly Movement Lab is intended for Middlebury faculty, staff, students, and community members interested in participating in playful movement exploration. The first hour is dedicated to improvisational play through movement and the second hour involves experimentation with the choreographic process and collaboratively generating material or scores to be developed and shared informally with the community at the close of the semester. No previous experience necessary.


Throughout fall 2016, I am guiding improvisational movement sessions for faculty, staff, students, and community. In this process we are exploring the role dance/movement plays in our contemporary moment and the ways dance in practice and performance can be a means for bringing people from a broad range of identities, abilities, backgrounds, and histories together and honoring or showcasing the particular individuals and collectives with which we work. While assuming the role of director, the creative process is collaborative and I am interested in learning about our current questions, passions, and concerns related to our areas of research and personal experiences and using this information as source material for the creative work in an abstract way. I am also interested in considering how this project might impact our work and everyday being. How does Movement Matter in our lives?

During spring 2016, we will draw from our experiences in the fall and collaborate in the creation of an original performance work to be presented in the Faculty Dance Showcase and Movement Matters closing event.

Response drawings from movement sessions in Fall 2016
by Mez Baker-Médard






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