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Hi! Come see me if you want to discuss career options in the Arts, Media, and Communications. I encourage students to reflect on their various interests and strengths when starting to explore possible career paths. I am available to chat about industry trends and practical skills while also sharing my own professional experiences, lessons learned, and insights.

Netflix Animation – Early Creatives Program for Storyboarding – 2023 – Deadline date: Friday, May 12

The Early Creatives Program for Storyboarding is a full-time12-week paid opportunity for emerging storyboard artists to join Netflix’s Feature Animation team as a Story Apprentice. 

In this new Early Creative Program you’ll be mentored by an Artist lead in an intensive 12-week curriculum focused on further developing storyboarding skills for feature productions. Throughout the program, you’ll participate in artist-led classes, build invaluable relationships, and gain insights into our studio culture.

If you are ready to work hard, be open to feedback, and make the most out of an opportunity like this, we invite you to apply.


Mid-August 2023 – November 2023

(Approximately 12 weeks with the potential to extend beyond this timeframe)

PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY: to be considered, portfolios should include the following:

  • Must be over 18 years of age to participate.
  • Must be eligible to work in the United States without visa sponsorship (both during and upon completion of the program).
  • Early career artists with less than 3 years of professional animation experience. 
  • Must have an online portfolio that demonstrates a strong understanding of visual storytelling through storyboards. (See the submission material and portfolio guidelines section for more details on what to submit.)
  • Must be available to work full-time during the program timeline.


  • Storyboards should be formatted in a slideshow format so that they can be clicked through board-by-board or a  sequence of panels in a pdf format.
  • Animatics or short films will be accepted but should not be your only example. Boards are still required!
  • Storyboards that demonstrate solid narrative storytelling. Sequences should have a clear beginning, middle, and ending and a strong understanding of emotional character acting and entertainment value.
  • Strong understanding of cinematic staging and cutting. A range of story sequences showcasing a variety of genres and emotions (e.g. comedy, action, adventure, suspense, drama, musical).
  • Strong gestural drawings (the ability to draw very loosely and roughly yet with clarity in character appeal and acting)
  • Character moments, comics, observational sketches, life, and/or animal drawings.
  • Links to your website or other social media to supplemental work that demonstrates your craft.
  • Don’t forget to include your password if you have one set up to access materials on your portfolio.

For more information, please visit our Netflix Animation Early Career Site and click here for additional information.

Journalism Students: Apply to The New York Times Corps

The New York Times Corps is a remote talent-pipeline program for college students interested in journalism to receive career guidance from New York Times journalists over a multiyear period. The application period runs through June 14, 2023. ​​

Students who will be attending two- or four-year colleges in the U.S. and who will be members of classes of 2025, 2026 or 2027 are eligible for the program. It is slated to begin in late summer 2023.

The program is specifically seeking undergraduates from underrepresented groups, such as students of color and/or students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. Applicants who are accepted into the program will speak with Times advisers several times a year. Guest speakers and skill-building opportunities will be part of the experience. The length of the program depends on when a student is accepted, but ends upon undergraduate college graduation.

The Times Corps is a talent-pipeline program, not a job, and Corps members are not paid employees of The Times.

Click here to learn more and follow their instructions to apply.

*Please email Alicia Gomez ( if you apply.