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Campaigns and Elections

Focusing on the tools, tactics, and techniques of the political consulting profession C&E is the campaign industry’s go-to resource.

I watched a webinar this week about the changing work of voter outreach in this pandemic. They cover lots of great topics and could give you ideas about how to engage on this topic if you’re interested.

Check them out:

Copywriter summer intern at Bain & Company

Are you a writer? Do you use words to convey thoughts, emotions, and call-to-actions? Do you enjoy finding the perfect word for the perfect moment? 

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you may be interested in FRWD@Bain’s copywriting internship.

The FRWD@Bain creative team is looking for qualified candidates for our summer internship. What will your day-to-day be like? 

Your day will consist of anything and everything from headline creation to community management to understanding brand tone of voice and brainstorming. You’ll work side-by-side with your art director partner studying and creating for our various brands.

Learn more in Handshake and apply here.

Help others from home through virtual volunteering

9 Places to Volunteer Online (and Make a Real Impact)

All you need to make a difference is an internet connection.

by Jackie Menjivar

Somebody somewhere is probably complaining about the fact that folks are spending more and more time online. But what they may not realize is that there’s a whole lot of good that can come from the internet, particularly through online volunteering.

Volunteering online lets you donate your virtual time to a cause space that matters, which means you can make a difference even if you can’t physically volunteer somewhere. Check out our list below to learn about a few different ways you can create IRL impact through online action.

1. United Nations Volunteers

If you’re looking to take your online volunteering worldwide, this is the place to start. UNV connects you with organizations working for peace and development in need of skills like research, writing, art, and design. There are already over 12,000 volunteers from 187 countries lending their talents to organizations around the globe.

2. Catchafire

This volunteer search tool is exclusively for online volunteer projects. Each one has a timeline that can range anywhere from an hour to a few weeks. So whether you have an afternoon or several, you can help not-for-profit with tasks like writing thank you letters or editing photos.

3. Smithsonian Digital Volunteers

The Smithsonian Institution is the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex, but even they could use a little help sometimes. Help make their collections more accessible by volunteering online to transcribe historical documents or edit Wikipedia articles related to their artifacts and research.

4. Amnesty Decoders

Operated by Amnesty International, this network of digital volunteers helps conduct research into global human rights violations. Volunteers have used their phones and computers to verify the location of oil spills, find evidence of drone strikes, and flag abusive tweets to women politicians in India.

5. Translators Without Borders

For those fluent in more than one language, check out this nonprofit that combines language skills with humanitarian aid. Volunteers provide translations (10 million words a year!) to international organizations that focus on crisis relief, health, and education.

6. Crisis Text Line

Here’s a perfect example of technology being used for good. Become a volunteer to help the Crisis Text Line continue to offer free, 24/7 support for those in crisis. If you’re at least 18 and can commit to volunteering four hours each week, you can apply to be trained for free.

7. Zooniverse

Zooniverse is a platform for people-powered research that literally wouldn’t be possible (or practical) without the help of online volunteers. Spend as much or as little time as you’d like identifying endangered animals, classifying galaxy systems, or transcribing Shakespearean manuscripts.

8. Project Gutenberg

Founded in 1971, this may just be the virtual volunteering effort that started it all. The goal is to create the largest digital library, and so far they’ve amassed 59,000 free eBooks. Volunteer by donating eligible materials, transcribing books into digital form, or proofreading others’ work.


DoSomething empowers young people to enact social change online or off. Volunteer online through one of our campaigns to help solve real-world problems. DoSomething members have used the internet to successfully urge Apple to diversify their emojis, change the dictionary definition of “Black/black”, and create the largest crowdsourced anti-bullying guide.

Advocacy Intern at Economic Mobility Pathways in Boston

EMPath transforms people’s lives by helping them move out of poverty and provides other institutions with the tools to systematically do the same. In one organization, we combine direct service programs, independent research, and public advocacy. 

The Advocacy Department at EMPath works with participants, staff, and coalition partners to address the root causes of the barriers facing our clients and advance broader policy changes to benefit low-income women and families in Massachusetts and beyond. 

Check out more and apply in Handshake here.

Consulting 101 Panel by Kearney: for juniors

Consulting 101 Panel | Road to Kearney Webinar
Tuesday, April 14 from 5:00pm –6:00pm CT  
Join our Kearney consultants to learn more about a career in consulting. Our Business Analysts will give you advice on recruiting and walk you through the type of work consultants do. This event is targeted toward current juniors/rising seniors who are considering going through full time recruitment this fall 2020.  

Click HERE to register

As you begin to think about the upcoming fulltime recruiting season, we hope you will consider a career at Kearney. As a global consulting partnership in more than 40 countries, our people make us who we are. We’re individuals who take as much joy from those we work with as the work itself. Driven to be the difference between a big idea and making it happen, we help our clients break through.

Because we’re big enough to make real impact but small enough to stay connected, working here means getting into it and making your mark. Never sitters on the sidelines, we’re doers by nature and count on everyone to join in. This is a place to let your ideas out and make it happen.

To help you get to know Kearney, we will be hosting a webinar in April to introduce you to our firm.

We look forward to sharing more with you very soon!

Extremism Investigation Intern with MIIS researchers this summer – virtually – with 2 alumni

The Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism (CTEC) at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) is seeking qualified Middlebury College students for an internship for Summer 2020. These students will assist CTEC’s Deputy Director and Digital Research Lead with a wide array of extremism- and terrorism-related projects.

Check it all out here in Handshake and apply now!

Research Intern at social justice org in Amherst MA

Verité interns work on a variety of research projects addressing forced labor, human trafficking, and human rights abuses worldwide. Interns will perform desk research, various administrative tasks, draft reports, and proofread texts.

Research interns will read and analyze reports published by the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. Department of Labor, and the International Labour Organization (ILO) and become familiar with the work of these entities as well as the work of many different stakeholders.

Interns will support our work with brands and our large-scale federally-funded research projects by conducting desk research on and analyzing supply chains, sectors, and commodities.

Learn more about Verite and apply in Handshake here