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Public Affairs paid summer internship at Hamilton Place Strategies

Hamilton Place Strategies (HPS) is an analytical public affairs consulting firm. HPS uses substantive analysis to understand complex topics, and creative public affairs tools to explain issues to audiences and reach critical stakeholders. We achieve our clients’ goals by enhancing understanding of issues, products, and companies, and ultimately, improving outcomes.

HPS is engaged at the highest levels on debates such as the role of finance in the global economy, U.S. trade policy, the future of work, health outcomes, energy innovation, technology’s role in society, and other issues across a broad range of sectors. Our clients include corporations, trade associations, non-profits, and charitable foundations.

Check out the internship here in Handshake. Deadline to apply is January 23.

Scoville Peace Fellowship for Fall 2022

The Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship provides recent college alumni with the opportunity to gain a Washington perspective on key issues of peace and security. Individuals to spend six to nine months in Washington DC.

Supported by a salary, the fellows serve as full-time junior staff members at the participating organization of their choice. Open to US Citizens and NonUS Citizens with the right to work in the US.

Deadline: January 21, 2022 for the Fall 2022 term.

Econ consulting internship for rising seniors at Analysis Group

Make an impact at Analysis Group, where we provide our clients with thoughtful, pragmatic solutions to their most challenging business and litigation problems.

Analysis Group is one of the largest economics consulting firms, with more than 1,000 professionals across 14 offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. Since 1981, we have provided expertise in economics, finance, health care analytics, and strategy to top law firms, Fortune Global 500 companies, and government agencies worldwide. Our internal experts, together with our network of affiliated experts from academia, industry, and government, offer our clients exceptional breadth and depth of expertise.

Check out the application in Handshake here. Deadline is January 31

Also consider attending one of these 4 events to prep a strong application:

  • General Info Session on Jan 24. Register here
  • Interview Case Presentation on Jan 25. Register here
  • Panel Discussion on Jan 26. Register here
  • Cover Letter and Interview Prep session on Jan 27. Register here

Consulting Job at Dalberg Advisors

Dalberg is a global group working to build a more inclusive and sustainable world where all people, everywhere, can reach their fullest potential. We partner with and serve communities, governments, and companies throughout the world, providing an innovative mix of advisory, investment, research, analytics, and design services. Today’s complex global problems require new solutions. We are from everywhere, at home anywhere – a US and Latin American company as much as an Asian, African, Middle Eastern, and European one.

You aspire to become a leader in global development and social impact by tackling global issues, from malnutrition to climate change to economic opportunities, ensuring no population is left behind. You enjoy collaborating with teams working across continents and cultures. You excel in quantitative and qualitative analysis, and you want to put your skills to work – transforming organizations, advising investors, and shaping new initiatives. You are a committed self-starter with an excellent academic record, a passion for impact and development, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Check out the job in Handshake here. Deadline is February 11. This is a great entry level opportunity!

Also be sure to check out their interview prep here, which includes case practices.

Workshop: Lessons on How Embracing Risk and Failure Can Help You Succeed

It’s okay to mess up! Come to this session to explore your capacity to learn and develop. Build your understanding of neuroplasticity, the significance of your mindset, the role of self-talk, and how risk-taking and failure are critical to growth. This session will help you train your brain to embrace “failure” as a learning opportunity, while also planning ahead for potential obstacles and encouraging self-resiliency. Presented by Bruce Perlow | Program Director and Facilitator, The DREAM Program

Tuesday, January 18th 2022

4:30 pm – 5:30 pm

Axinn 219

New Academic Credit Opportunity for Middlebury Students Interested in ROTC

This message below is from Liam Hoagland ’22, the ROTC President. He wants to update students on a recent change to the Middlebury College Handbook regarding the allocation of academic credits for ROTC courses. The New Policy is as follows: 

‘Middlebury students completing work in the ROTC program at the University of Vermont are eligible to receive up to three credits towards their Middlebury College degree: one academic credit upon completion of the first two years of ROTC classes and one credit upon completion of each of the third and fourth years of ROTC classes. The credits awarded will be general non-graded credits and will not satisfy any major, minor or distribution requirements.’

In other words, in addition to the preexisting benefits of participating in the ROTC program, students may also now receive academic credits earned towards the completion of their Middlebury degree by taking once a week Military Studies classes at the University of Vermont. More information on ROTC and courses can be found below.

Army ROTC Overview:

Army ROTC is a leadership program that can now be a part of your college curriculum. It can fund your education, guarantee post collegiate employment, and offer you a skillset that can enhance your career opportunities in both the military and civilian world.

During classes, leadership labs, physical training, and field training exercises, you will learn what it takes to lead others, motivate groups, and conduct missions as an Officer in the Army. 

Upon graduation from college and completion of Army ROTC, you will earn the bar of a Second Lieutenant and can serve either part time in the Army Reserve or the Army National Guard, or full time in the Active Army. ​Career opportunities as an officer range over 16 different branches with examples such as Aviation, Cyber, Engineering, Finance, Medical Services, Military Intelligence and much more. Joining ROTC does not automatically make you incur any service commitment. Students are not obligated to service until they reach Junior year or choose to sign a contract.

ROTC as a Middlebury Student

Middlebury students who participate in ROTC do so as satellite cadets through the University of Vermont program. Spring registration is now open and ongoing. We usually meet once a week (after classes on Wednesdays and 2-3 weekend labs a semester) and carpool to and from Burlington. While there is some time commitment, every current member of the program successfully manages to fit this into their schedule while still participating in a club or varsity sport at Middlebury, along with other extracurriculars and a full course load. Middlebury students, even more than others, are equipped for success in this program. 

Contact Information

For specifics about the program or how to enroll, feel free to contact me at my college email: If your inquiry is better suited for one of our Military Science Professors, I would be happy to redirect you to them.

For more information on the University of Vermont Program you can go to: 

For information on the new college credit policy, you can reference the student handbook:

Or contact the registrar’s office

Thank you for your interest and I hope to hear you soon.