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Segue from Segue Usage Analysis: Language Learning Resources

Part of the Segue from Segue project involves analyzing how faculty and students at Middlebury have used technology for teaching, learning and research.  Last week, I published an overview of Segue Usage.  This week I have compiled notes on my review of curricular resources that the Language Schools and departments have developed with Segue and other tools, see:

Segue from Segue > Language Learning Resources.

Segue from Segue Update

The Curricular Technology team, in consultation with the Faculty LIS Advisory Committee (FLAC) and the Area Directors, is defining topics and questions for curricular technology focus group sessions which will be scheduled over the next month.

To better understand how faculty and students use technology for teaching, learning and research, I’ve been reviewing the many course sites and curricular resources that have been developed over the years at Middlebury in Segue and other platforms.  I’ve posted to the Segue from Segue blog an overview of Segue usage, see:  Segue from Segue > Segue Usage Analysis.  Over the coming weeks, I’ll be posting more usage analyses.

Towards a Unified Curricular Technology UX

I recently created a version of the ShadowBox theme for Measure, an instance of Moodle used at Middlebury for online assessments.  As a starting point, I used the Anomaly Theme Pack, created by the Patrick Malley, the Themes Manager for Moodle.org and the Creative Director of the NewSchool Learning design shop.  I merged some of the styles and markup Patrick had developed with code from the WordPress ShadowBox theme to create a similar look and feel to the WordPress version.  This is a great example of the power of open source to build upon and synthesize the work of others (much of this theme designers current work in no longer open source…)

measure-theme-headerScreenshot of Measure ShadowBox theme header

The goal is to create a more unified user experience (UX) and make it easy for faculty and students to move from one platform to another.  You’ll noticed that Measure has links to WordPress and Segue in the upper right corner.  These same links can be put in the same place on WordPress blogs that use ShadowBox.  I’d also like to put these same links on all Segue sites to help with the transition away from Segue to other platforms.

google-header01As new platforms are introduced, they can be added in much the same way as Google Apps lists its various applications.

For more information about Measure, see the Measure Blog.

CT Team Meeting Minutes 10/27/2009

Topic 1: Segue v1 shutdown notice.

Team ok with Alex sending out the notice he presented. Team decided that the notice should be sent to all faculty rather than a limited group. Team decided that Segue 1 should be made unavailable at the end of Fall 2009 classes and not postponed until later.

Topic 2: CT Site IA.

Team looked at the Uses categories started by Alex. After much discussion and a few changes, we agreed to use the following IA as a starting point for our build-out:
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Meeting Notes 2009-09-01

This meeting focused on brainstorming about the use of curricular technologies at Middlebury in terms of:

  • What we know about how faculty/students are using curricular technologies now
  • What we need to verify about their technology usage
  • What we don’t know about what faculty/students want or need in terms of curricular technologies now and/or in the future

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Fall 2009 Course Website Recommendations

The Curricular Technology team is making the following recommendations to LIS on the platforms available for creating course sites. – Alex Chapin

A number of technology tools and services are available to faculty to use in their teaching and for their courses including applications for creating course sites, blogs, collaborative spaces and presentations. What follows are recommendations that focus primarily on platforms for creating course sites over the next academic year. These recommendations take into consideration the recent decision by LIS to decommission Segue and the impact the Web Makeover project will have on available resources and technologies.

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Research: Support for Unicode, Diacritics and non-Latin-based character sets

For updates on this research topic, see:

Which of our current web applications or apps we are considering support Unicode, diacritics and non-latin based characters sets.

I know Segue supports all of these.  I think Moodle does as well.  Not sure about MediaWiki, Google Apps, WordPress and Drupal….