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CT Team Meeting Minutes 10/27/2009

Topic 1: Segue v1 shutdown notice.

Team ok with Alex sending out the notice he presented. Team decided that the notice should be sent to all faculty rather than a limited group. Team decided that Segue 1 should be made unavailable at the end of Fall 2009 classes and not postponed until later.

Topic 2: CT Site IA.

Team looked at the Uses categories started by Alex. After much discussion and a few changes, we agreed to use the following IA as a starting point for our build-out:
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CT Team Meeting Minutes 10/20/2009

Topic 1: Team collaboration processes.

Tasks to accomplish between meetings should be proposed during the meeting, not proposed between meetings. If proposed between meetings, should not have no expectations of accomplishment.

Communications strategies, EMail vs. Google Docs. Be clear about what is up for debate, what is not.
Vote: Email will be sent to team list. New message threads with descriptive subjects will be created for new topics. (unanimous)

Q: How does the CT site relate to our main charge?
A: A good CT site helps direct users to CT tools and services and helps users make better usage of all things we provide.

Topic 2: CT Site IA

Uses will be categorized under the following categories (to start):

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Graphics
  • Web Publishing
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Presentation
  • Course (stuff?)
  • Discussion

Uses will often fall under multiple categories. This should be encouraged to allow our constituents to find things even if they would assume categorization different from us.

Vote: Alex (and possibly others) will fill in uses into the categories for the next meeting. The categories decided will not be changed. Other categories can be proposed at the Oct 27th meeting. (unanimous)

Vote: Do we want to keep the Buzzwords category? Yes (unanimous)

Vote: Are we generally happy with the buzzword list? Yes (unanimous)

Meeting Notes 2009-07-28

WordPress Issues

  • Can’t upload large files.
    • Recommendations: use Segue, classes folders, Docutek.
  • cForms inhibits the upgrade in WP.
    • Best of breed vision should be followed to alleviate this issue.  Make WP be the best blogging platform instead of its being held hostage to data collection feature that has been grafted on.

Recommendations for course websites for fall semester posted to various blogs (including this one).

Discussion about how to gather information from faculty.

  • surveys?
    • what are your needs?
    • not “let’s look at moodle, drupal, etc. and tell us what has the feature set you like.”
  • informal conversations?
  • Information-gathering strategy? (Joe)

Action Item: Survey.

  • Alex will set up in google spreadsheet.
  • Think of ways to gather the information
  • LIS Advisory Groups?