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Research: What is exported from a WordPress blog?

What gets saved when you export a WordPress blog?  I know the format of the export file is XML and that all posts, pages, categories and authors are exported.  See:

Not sure if files, sidebar settings, themes or roles can be exported….  There are tools that exist to migrate WordPress blog to other platforms, but not all or perhaps any of them will migrate files…

WordPress to Drupal

There are two main modules for migrating WordPress content to Drupal, see:


WP2Drupal interacts directly with the database, whereas WordPress_Import uses the WXR export file.  It is not clear whether these migration modules also migrate WordPress files.  There is Drupal code out there for migrating files on a remote server to Drupal, see:

It also looks like Drupal is working on a migration framework, see:

Fall 2009 Course Website Recommendations

The Curricular Technology team is making the following recommendations to LIS on the platforms available for creating course sites. – Alex Chapin

A number of technology tools and services are available to faculty to use in their teaching and for their courses including applications for creating course sites, blogs, collaborative spaces and presentations. What follows are recommendations that focus primarily on platforms for creating course sites over the next academic year. These recommendations take into consideration the recent decision by LIS to decommission Segue and the impact the Web Makeover project will have on available resources and technologies.

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