Towards a Unified Curricular Technology UX

I recently created a version of the ShadowBox theme for Measure, an instance of Moodle used at Middlebury for online assessments.  As a starting point, I used the Anomaly Theme Pack, created by the Patrick Malley, the Themes Manager for and the Creative Director of the NewSchool Learning design shop.  I merged some of the styles and markup Patrick had developed with code from the WordPress ShadowBox theme to create a similar look and feel to the WordPress version.  This is a great example of the power of open source to build upon and synthesize the work of others (much of this theme designers current work in no longer open source…)

measure-theme-headerScreenshot of Measure ShadowBox theme header

The goal is to create a more unified user experience (UX) and make it easy for faculty and students to move from one platform to another.  You’ll noticed that Measure has links to WordPress and Segue in the upper right corner.  These same links can be put in the same place on WordPress blogs that use ShadowBox.  I’d also like to put these same links on all Segue sites to help with the transition away from Segue to other platforms.

google-header01As new platforms are introduced, they can be added in much the same way as Google Apps lists its various applications.

For more information about Measure, see the Measure Blog.

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