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Want to receive updates from this blog? Here’s how —

2 Easy Steps:

  1. To get the all posts feed, go to the posts feed.
  2. To get the all comments feed, go to the comments feed.

Or, on the LIS home page, click on these buttons:

For More Detailed Instructions:

  1. With an RSS Reader:
    • Subscriptions work best if the browser you’re using is up-to-date. If you have trouble subscribing try updating your browser.
    • If you’re using Internet Explorer, you may need to copy the URL from the Address window and paste it to a feed reader such as Google Reader.
    • What the heck is RSS? Take 3 minutes and check out this Common Craft video, RSS in plain English.
  2. With Outlook RSS:

7 thoughts on “SUBSCRIBE to this blog

  1. Mary Backus

    When I click on the link above “posts feed” a page of html comes up. Is this truly the way people will subscribe to updates from this blog?

  2. Jess Isler

    Good question, Mary. This is most likely an issue with your browser. I experienced the same problem when I was using Internet Explorer 6. Upgrading to IE 7 solved the problem.

  3. Michael Roy

    Since many people aren’t going to right away get into the habit of using RSS, isn’t there some email thingy that we can install so that people get email when stuff is posted and/or commented upon?

    – -mike

  4. Elin Waagen

    From the Web Team recommendations:
    …we recognize that there are significant hurdles to overcome in the adoption of any solution involving blogging. Our survey analysis also revealed that LIS staff were uncomfortable using RSS feeds. In fact, LIS staff were more comfortable with the CMS in general than RSS. We support three means of addressing this issue:

    1. LIS staff should be encouraged to explore RSS through publication of materials like RSS in Plain English. In addition, as implementation of Google Apps for Higher Education continues, LIS staff should be encouraged to explore and adopt Google Reader as a platform for RSS delivery.
    2. The “All Things LIS” blog should (at least initially) be available through email subscription using the Subscribe2 plugin. This will allow those unfamiliar with RSS to receive updates from the group through more traditional communication methods. Helpdesk staff should be prepared to assist in the creation of mail rules for LIS staff to send this information to a folder for later review so that LIS communication does not introduce an interruption into normal work.
    3. The Helpdesk should be encouraged and supported in their rollout of Microsoft Office 2007. With Outlook 2007, users can subscribe to RSS feeds in their email client. This marriage of RSS and email presents the information in a context familiar to users while segregating it from normal communication so that it does not distract. If User Services requires additional support in this rollout effort, we strongly recommend that LIS provide such support.

  5. Adam Franco

    It seems that the settings of this blog have just changed so that the RSS feed only includes an excerpt of the posts and comments rather than the entire post/comment. I personally find this change frustrating as it means that I now have to click out of my feed reader and into the blog on every post or comment that is more than a few lines long. Unless there is a particularly good reason, I think we should change the behavior back to including the full content in the feed.

    – Adam

  6. Ian McBride

    Our intention was to set that for the front page of the blog, not the RSS feed, so I’ve reversed the change. My apologies for the unintended side-effect.

    – Ian


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