Seminar Materials

As this is an interdisciplinary senior seminar, we have not assigned any texts.  However, we have placed all of the reading materials on e-reserves.  In the reading schedule section of this site, materials will have an ER designation; clicking on this will take you to our course electronic reserves.  The course password is: 2416ms

In addition to our assigned readings, we have included a range of supplementary materials.  These are not mandatory but optional readings that will help thicken our understanding of the issues we are addressing in class.  Although we have not assigned a scheduled screening time we expect you to have watched the assigned movies.  The films for the course will be available either in library reserves or through a video streaming service.

With its focus on visual culture the seminar is structured around images.  Thus we will be updating our wordpress site constantly to reflect some of the visual energies of the era.

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