This seminar is structured to encourage on-going engagement with the materials and to engage your imaginations.  Towards this end we have designed two different kinds of assignments.

You will submit weekly reading inquiries on Wednesday evenings.  These inquiries are informal pieces of writing which address an entire week’s assigned materials.  They are designed to guide our class discussions.

You will also submit two formal synthesis projects during the course of the semester.  We encourage you to be creative and ambitious in crafting these projects.  The first assignment deals with the concepts of space, how differently it is/could be configured, how it reflects ideology, etc.  This project is due on October 10.  The second assignment engages with the aesthetics of the global 60s.  Focusing on art and other forms of cultural production this project is due on November 7.

In lieu of  a final exam we require you to complete final research projects which are collaborative in nature and are not “written” works.  This project is due on December 14 at 7 pm.

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