Group 1: Alex, Adam, Aurore

Group 2: Brian, Elizabeth, HiMi

Group 3: Joyce, Kristina, Stewart

Group 4: Kirsten, Gregg, Caroline, Hanna

If your group decides to adopt a creative approach to the final project please make sure that you supplement this collective work with individual essays (@ least 2 pages).  Each person in the group will be focusing on one part of the film (say organization of the city/space), your individual essay should elucidate these contributions to the collective project along with the theoretical scaffolding for your section of the analysis.  Unless you are very skilled, creative projects are unable to capture the theoretical complexity you wish to communicate.  Use these individual essays to elaborate on the ideas animating your contributions to the collective project.  Please submit separate bibliographies with references to at least three course readings. (You don’t need to consult with your group in writing these essays.)

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