Reading Inquiries

naoshima yayoi kusama

By 11pm every Wednesday, you will have reading inquiries due online.  These inquiries are derived from any given week’s Tuesday and Thursday readings.  Our hope is that some of the issues raised in Tuesday’s class would be incorporated in these inquiries.

These inquiries will consist of questions that you pose of at least two of the assigned readings, or that the reading inspires you to ask. Your inquiries may explore points you didn’t fully understand, examine associations prompted by the readings, or point to gaps you feel the readings have left unexplored. They should be substantive questions, not trivia or yes or no answers. You may also consider this as a forum where you pose what may be considered to be “stupid questions”; often these questions are very productive and help illuminate concepts we take for granted.

Post your inquiries in the specified Moodle forum. We highly recommend writing up your questions in a word processing program and then cutting and pasting to Moodle to avoid any Moodle mishaps (™). We will explore the questions you pose in class discussion on Thursdays. You can choose to skip two weeks of inquiries. Just email both of us to let us know that a given week will be your there’s-too-much-other-stuff-going-on freebie week.


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