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Preserving Family and Community While at Midd

Jun 25th, 2014 | By

Having “gone away” for school (even if it’s only 5 hours away in my case) makes the preservation of family and community difficult. As a college student, it is acceptable (generally speaking) to be disconnected from the family. We are learning to spread our wings and forge our own lives, which is great and maybe even why we go to college (?). However, college life can also feel very self centered: these four years are about “my education” and “my future” and “my interests”. In  […]

Prompt 1

Jun 8th, 2014 | By

“Be joyful/though you have considered all the facts.” This line from Wendell Berry’s poem not only offered a sense of relief by mentioning the possibility to find joy amongst fact, but it also conveyed the somewhat disheartening realization that fact does not always (or even mostly?) lead to joyfulness. Ideally, I like to think that being exposed to and learning new facts would make one happy (because learning is supposed to be fun, right?). However, thinking about some of the facts that I’ve learned over  […]