FoodWorks Talks

FoodWorks Talks are video conferences we have scheduled throughout the summer. Led by experts in the field, each Talk  provides a high-content overview of the 5th Day theme for the week, connecting the FoodWorks Fellows to the same presenters and material, and to each other, before they embark on their 5th day experience in their respective locations. Video recordings of each FoodWorks Talk will be posted on the FoodWorks Talks page as they become available.

FoodWorks Talk VIII: Closing Reflections

On the final day of FoodWorks 2013, John Elder reunites with the students to engage in final reflections on the meaning and value of their summer learning experience.


FoodWorks Talk VII: Food Literacy and Food as Education

College and High School educators Emily Hoyler, Joe Franzen, and Brent Peters talk about ways food can be integrated into the curriculum to teach about food and food systems. They emphasize ways food touches on and across all of the disciplines, and is a means toward engendering life and liberal arts skills and outcomes.


FoodWorks Talk VI: July 15, 2013

District 1 Metro Louisville Councilwoman Attica Scott answers questions about how creating a neighborhood garden in a low income “food desert” can build community and leadership.


FoodWorks Talk IV: Foodshed as New Democracy?

Monday, July 8: With Bill McKibben and Philip Ackerman-Leist.


FoodWorks Talk III: FoodWorks Talk III: On Rural and Urban Food Economy

Friday, June 21, 2013: Ivor Chodkowski, and Elena Gustavson exchange successes, lessons and ongoing challenges from developing local agricultural economies in Louisville, Kentucky and Hardwick, Vermont. Ivor is a farmer, social entrepreneur, and restauranteur in Louisville, and Elena is Program Director at the Center for Agricultural Economy in Hardwick, where the conference was recorded.


FoodWorks Talk II: Justin Mog on Sustainability

Monday, June 10: Justin shares definitions, models and best practices for developing sustainability and sustainable agriculture.


John Elder’s Opening Day FoodWorks Talk: Erosion and Terroir, Justice, and Joy

Sunday, June 2, 2013 : John orients students to the big picture and touches on all the major themes covered in the summer’s curriculum.