What We’re Reading – 2014

FoodWorks Fellows are reading “Bringing it to the Table”, a collection of Wendell Berry’s essays on Farming and Food.


Louisville Reading Curriculum 2014

Week 1: BITT: Introduction, Chap 1: Nature as Measure 3-10, Chap 2: Stupidity in Concentration 11- 18, Chap 3: Agricultural Solutions for Agricultural Problems 19-30, Mad Farmer Manifesto

Week 2: BITT: Chap 5: Let the Farm Judge 49-56, Chap 6: Energy in Agriculture 57-66, Chap 7 Conservationist and Agrarian 67-80, Chap 15 On The Soil and Health 161-172, Chap 16 Agriculture from the Roots Up 173-181

Week 3: BITT: Chap 4: A Defense of the Family Farm 31-48, Chap 10 Seven Amish Farms 105-118, Chap 11 A Good Farmer of the Old School 119-128, Chap 12 Charlie Fischer 129- 138, Chap 13 A Talent for Necessity 139-148

Optional: Ben Hewitt, The Town that food saved: http://benhewitt.net/

Week 4: BITT: : Chap 8 Sanitation and the Small Farm 81-86, Chap 14 Elmer’s Lapps Place 149-160

Marion Nestle piece:http://www.centerforfoodsafety.org/

Local: Consider the Lobster- David Foster Wallace



Week 5: BITT: Part III: Food except The Pleasures of Eating 185-226

Week 6: BITT: Chap 9 Renewing Husbandry 87-101, The Pleasures of Eating 227-234

Local: The State of Food: A Snapshot of Food Access in Louisville, Community Farm Alliance

Week 7: Watch Food + Justice = Democracy: LaDonna Redmond at TEDx Manhattan:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydZfSuz-Hu8


Week 8: Local: Fat City- Louisville Magazine

Week 9: Local: Edible Louisville- Agriculture 101 by Mary Berry Smith

Middlebury Reading Curriculum

Orientation: Bringing It to the Table (BITT) by Wendell Berry Intro, Chapters 1,2,3

AND Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front   (Poem by Wendell Berry)  http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/manifesto-the-mad-farmer-liberation-front/

Week 1: BITT Part 1: Farming & Vermont Farm to Plate Overview

Week 3: BITT Part 2: Farmers

Week 6: BITT Part 3: Food

Week 7: Article by Blue Hill at Stone Barns Chef/Owner Dan Barber

2013 Reading Curriculum