2013 5th Day Curriculum -2

WEEK 1: “Sustainability & Energy” (June 3-7th)                                                                       

KentuckyBig questions: What is the definition of sustainability? What does a sustainable food system look like? How do we sustainably interact with our food?. 5th Day Site visit (Fri 6/7): Bernheim Forest & Arboretum. University of Louisville Guest Speakers: Claude Stephens, Brian Barnes. Reading: Chapters 1-4 of Rebuilding the FoodShed (RFS)- How to Create Local, Sustainable, and Secure Food Systems by Philip Ackerman-Leist

Vermont: Key Terms and Topics: Sustainable Agriculture, closed-loop systems, composting Discussion themes: VT Food Systems: Circle Model; Soils, Seeds & Transplants; Transportation Processing & Storage; Distribution, Retail, Table; Composting (and back to soil…) Reading/Viewing: Rebuilding the Foodshed (RFS) by Philip Ackerman-Leist, Chapters 1-4 http://www.wcax.com/story/22251750/the-slow-living-summit http://smallplanet.org/about/frances/bio Fifth Day Event: Thursday, 6/6: Brattleboro: EDT 6am, Slow Living Summit, Frances Moore Lape’ Grafton Cheddar Tour; (Big Picture Farm Tour?) (Carbon Harvest?) FW Talk: Sunday 6/2 3pm Professor Elder Location: RAJ Conference Followed by 4:30-6 pm Garden party

WEEK 2: “Ecology” (June 10-14)                                                                                                              

KentuckyMonday, June 10th Big questions: What is the true ecological impact of modern agriculture? How do we feed 9 billion people in 2050 and still respect local ecosystems? What does an agricultural system that respects nature look like? How can we harness biomimicry to promote sustainable agriculture? Site visit: Canoeing on the Ohio River Guest speakers: David Wicks and Russ Barnett Reading: RFS Chapters – 5 & 8   FW Talk 7-8pm– with Justin Mog

Vermont: Key Terms and Topics: Exploration of sustainable agriculture, biodiversity Discussion themes: Farming & garden models; community-based agriculture; climate change; importance of sustainability Reading/Viewing:  RFS Ch. 5 & 8 Fifth Day: Wednesday, 6/12, Addison County, 9:30 am Elmer Farm; Monument & Scholten Farm. ACORN talk FW Talk: 7:00-8:00 pm Monday, 6/10: Ecology with Justin Mog Location:

WEEK 3: “Local Economy” (June 17-21)                                                                                           

KentuckyFriday, June 21 FW Talk 10-11 am with Ivor Chodkowski and Monty Fischer Big questions: What are the obstacles in creating a local food economy? Where has there been success and why has it occurred there? How does a local food economy benefit and harm members of the community? Afternoon observations at various sites: Grasshoppers, The Root Cellar, Nord’s Bakery, Rainbow Blossom, Blue Dog Bakery Reading: RFS Chapters 9 & 10. Opt: Ben Hewitt, The Town that food saved: http://benhewitt.net/

Vermont: Key Terms and Topics: Farm-to-plate; local to national to global, Market values, public food philosophy Discussion themes: Local food system, New Economy, Marketing; local dollars; labeling; economic development & innovation; expansion and efficiency Reading/Viewing: RFS Ch. 9 & 10. Optional: Ben Hewitt, The Town that food saved: http://benhewitt.net/ Fifth Day: Friday, 6/21, Hardwick Overnight? VT Soy, Jasper Hill biodigester, VT Food Venture Center, lunch @ Claire’s; Salvation Farms? FW Talk: 10-11 am Friday, 6/21: Local Economy. Ivor Chodhowski, Owner Field Day Family Farm, Harvest Restaurant; Grasshoppers Distribution in Louisville. Location: RAJ Conference Room

WEEK 4: “Food Safety” (June 24-28)

KentuckyThursday, June 27th * Note: Deadline for submission of Individual Directed Investigation Big questions: Should we trust our food? What happens when trust fails? Is our food safe for use to consume? If we are what we eat, what are we? Site visits: Louisville Metro Hall, hog processing plant, Clifton Community Garden Guest Speaker: Mayor Greg Fischer, Health Professional TBA Reading: Watch:  Marion Nestle piece: http://www.centerforfoodsafety.org/ Local Reading (optional): Consider the Lobster- David Foster Wallace Watch:  http://www.whas11.com/news/iteam/Invesitgation-reveals-food-safety-concerns-police-working-to-crack-down-175849511.html http://www.fw.ky.gov/fishadvisory.asp

Vermont: Key Terms and Topics: Food Safety, Regulations, GMOs, Plastics, Pesticides… Discussion themes: Local and sustainable meat production; processing, diets, and cultural biases Reading/Viewing: Marion Nestle piece, http://www.centerforfoodsafety.org/ Fifth Day: Thursday, 6/27: Burlington area: UVM-The Necessary (r)Evolution for Sustainable Food Systems Summit 6pm SummerVale at the Intervale FW Talk: Monday June 24th: Food Safety. Dinner/Discussion w/ Professor Kacy McKinney 7pm Weybridge

WEEK 5: “Food Security & Resiliency” (July 1-5)

KentuckyBig questions: What does it mean to be “food secure”? In a world of global interdependence, how can our food security be threatened? How do we create a more resilient food system? How can we encourage the creation of food secure households? Site visits: Dare to Care Food Bank, New Roots. Guest Speaker: Stan Siegwald, Karyn Moskowitz (Tues 7/2). Reading: RFS Chapter 6. Local Reading (required): The State of Food: A Snapshot of Food Access in Louisville. FW Talk – 2-4 pm with Chuck Ross and Theresa Zawacki

Vermont: Key Terms and Topics: Food policy, Food sovereignty Discussion themes: Governmental influence, community organizing, and socioeconomic inequalities food as medicine Reading/Viewing: RFS Ch. 6 Fifth Day: Tuesday, 7/2: Montpelier area: 10 am Food as Medicine Workshop/lunch; Herb School; 2 pm Ag Agency Two Rivers Farm FW Talk: Tuesday, 7/2, 2:00 pm: Policy, food security and creating a more resilient food system. Chuck Ross and Theresa Zawacki Location: VT Ag conference room,

WEEK 6: “Individual Food Challenge” (July 8-12)

Kentucky: Week of July 8th Big questions: How does your site connect to the larger food system? How can your investigation result in a positive change for the community? Where can you connect your investigation to the food system at a higher degree to improve effectiveness? Monday, July 8 – 7-8 pm FW Talk – Local Food Challenge – Bill McKibben & Phillip Ackerman-Leist

Vermont: Key Terms and Topics: Importance of civic engagement Discussion themes: What theme has spoken most to you? Fifth Day: up to you! Gather information for Ted-style presentations 9th week Dinner with Philip 5:30pm Weybridge 7/8 (not mandatory) FW Talk: 7:00-8:00 pm Monday, 7/8: Food Challenge with Bill McKibben, prerecorded, and Philip Ackerman-Leist, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, Director of the Farm and Food Project at Green Mountain College. Location: RAJ Conference Room

WEEK 7: “Equity” (July 15-19)

Kentucky: Monday, July 15 Big questions: What is the definition of “food equity?” What are the populations that suffer from food inequality and how is it manifested? What are the long term consequences and impacts of food inequality? Site visit: People’s Garden Guest Speaker:  Valerie Magnuson Reading: RFS Chapters 7 Watch: Food + Justice = Democracy: LaDonna Redmond at TEDx Manhattan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydZfSuz-Hu8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdh_wcCX0W0. Local: Fat City- Louisville Magazine FW Talk 7-8 pm – Equity & Diversity with Attica Scott

Vermont: Key Terms and Topics: Food access, food justice, obesity, diabetes, and socioeconomic inequality Discussion themes: Food relief programs, Gleaning projects, Farmer’s market, Community organizing, and socioeconomic inequalities Site visits: July 15th or 19th (TBD), Rutland area, RAFFL, Health Dept., VT Farmer Food Center, Food Shelf, GMC Reading/Viewing: RFS Ch. 7; Food + Justice = Democracy: LaDonna Redmond at TEDxManhattan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydZfSuz-Hu8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdh_wcCX0W0   FW Talk: Monday, 7/8: Equity and Diversity. Panel: Attica Scott, District 1 representative on Louisville Metro Council Location: RAJ Conference Room

WEEK 8: “Education” (July 22-26)

KentuckyTuesday, July 23 Big questions: What should food education look like? What are the impacts of having a food ignorant generation? Are you food enlightened? Site visits: Fern Creek High School, JCPS Nutrition Service Center Guest Speaker:  Julia Bauscher or Martha Dysart Reading: RFS Chapter 12 Local Reading (optional): Edible Louisville- Agriculture 101 by Mary Berry Smith

Vermont: Key Terms and Topics: Exploring the intersection of food and education, collaborative possibilities Discussion themes: Food literacy; Farm to School Reading/Viewing: RFS Ch. 12 Site Vists TBA: Burlington area, Shelburne Farms, Burlington Food Project, FEED, Farm to School Friday, 7/26: Cook at Community Supper Middlebury   July 8th FoodWorks Talk – 7:00-8:00 pm with  Brent Peter, Emily Hoyler, and Joe Franzen Location: RAJ Conference Room

WEEK 9: “Bridging the Divide” (July 29-Aug 2)

KentuckyFriday, August 2nd – 9 am FW Talk with John Elder, Ted talk-style presentations from interns How does your site connect to the larger food system? How can your investigation result in a positive change for the community? Where can you connect your investigation to the food system at a higher degree to improve effectiveness? Reading: RFS Part 3: New Directions

Vermont: Friday, 8/2: Closing Thoughts: with John Elder and Ted-talk style presentations by interns Site: RAJ Conference Room 9:30am Reading/Viewing: RFS Part 3: New Directions Followed by Garden Party lunch