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Welcome back – I hope the spring semester is off to a great start. Since you went on break in December, several changes have occurred on campus:Our new president, Dr. Sunder Ramaswamy, started at the Institute on January 2; the Samson Center has been remodeled with more stations to plug in laptops and a new dining menu; and we just completed our first extended January term with many successful courses and practicums. Additionally, we continue moving toward full integration with Middlebury College, which is scheduled to conclude on June 30, 2010.

In early January our Board of Trustees met in Monterey to review the Institute”s progress and explore new initiatives with staff. They had the opportunity to hear from students about some of the practical learning experiences built into our programs, such as the international business plan, IPSS, DPMI and Team Monterey experiences, interpretation practica and teaching internships. Academic excellence is the overarching theme that guides all of their work. Among the decisions to come out of their January meeting was the adoption of tuition levels for the next academic year.

The Institute continues to focus on sustaining and enhancing the high-quality academic programs that are central to our mission. In this year’s especially challenging fiscal environment, many schools are simultaneously implementing tuition increases and program cuts. Here at the Institute, we have adopted a tuition level for Academic Year 2009-2010 that protects academic programs from cuts, supports student services and continues our tradition of academic excellence. Next year’s tuition will be $31,000, or $15,500 per semester, for students enrolled full time. If you plan to apply for federal financial aid for next year, your aid package will reflect this tuition figure.

In the coming weeks, the new academic Deans will be announced as will the new Dean of Advising. These changes are aimed at increased interdisciplinary collaboration and learning opportunities, and at improving services to students. We are committed to helping you reach your educational and professional goals and encourage you to get involved with some of the various activities that will be taking place this semester to ensure a smooth transition to our new academic organization.

Best regards,

Dr. Sands
Dr. Amy Sands
Provost and Academic Vice President
Monterey Institute of International Studies Monterey, CA 93940
email: asands@miis.edu
telephone: 831 647-4116

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