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Life Beyond Middlebury: J-term workshop series

Come to one or more of the 6 sessions below and learn something new!  Sponsored by CCI, Student Government Association, MiddCORE, MCAB and Health and Wellness office.

LinkedIn Photobooth
Thursday, January 10 from 4:30-6 pm in ADK Library

Stop by any time for this drop in session.  Come get a professional headshot for your account (first come first serve), and stick around to learn how to make the most of your profile.  Advisors will be available to walk you through how to use the alumni tool, research employers and more!  RSVP here.

Personal Finance 101
Monday, January 14 at 4:30pm in  Axinn 219

Are you a saver or a spender?  How do you make a budget and actually live within it?  Do you usually take risks or are you pretty conservative with your money?  Come to this session to learn about these questions and more and have a knowledgeable discussion with an expert.  Presented by Kevin Renshler, Associate Director, MiddCORE and Professor of the Practice in Business and Enterprise.  RSVP here.

Negotiating Salary
Wednesday, January 16 at 4:30 pm in Axinn 229

Everyone should know how to negotiate their salary, yet very few people actually do. This workshop will teach the fundamentals of negotiating a higher salary including why it is important, how to find out how much you are worth, how to get a raise and more.  Presented by National Life Group, a Vermont employer very interested in introducing you to these skills that you can use in any type of future employment situation.    Open to all students, all majors, whether you are job or internship searching now or later.  RSVP here.

Balancing Work and Wellness after Graduation
Thursday, January 17 at 4:30 pm in Axinn 219

How do you maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle once you enter the workplace? This workshop will address the importance of keeping health and wellness at the forefront of each day so you can be a happy, healthy and productive employee.  Topics will include nutrition, mindfulness, movement, sleep/work balance, etc.  The talk will be given by Molly (Lukins) Burke, Midd ’97, who started her own corporate wellness company in New York City.  Presented by Molly Lukins Burke ’97, Food + Mood NYC.  RSVP here.

Jumpstarting Your Career: A Panel With Young Alums
Thursday, January 24 at 4:30 pm in Hillcrest 103

Come to this fun, light session to learn from young alumni about things they wish they knew before graduation and how to make their way in the real world after college.  RSVP here.

  • Alex Brockelman ‘18
  • Riley Dickie ‘16
  • Thomas Wentworth ‘18
  • Katie Ritter ‘15

Etiquette Dinner
Tuesday, January 29 at 6 pm in Atwater

Benefit from learning the life skills of networking at cocktail parties and dining in an appropriate way.  Starting with tips from an expert, learn how to handle yourself with confidence, make introductions and work the room.  Tickets $5 at go/boxoffice.  Limited seats available.

2019 Marketing and Advertising Education (MADE) Internship- January 18, 2019 Deadline date

Job Description

The MADE (Marketing and Advertising Education) internship is a leadership development program for students interested in becoming the future leaders of the marketing and advertising industry. Founded by the ANA Educational Foundation, the MADE internship places you in a summer intern program at one of more than 50 marketing, advertising, or media companies, with participants including MasterCard, IBM, Sephora, McCann, mcgarrybowen, and Ogilvy. Positioned as the “common app” for summer internships, this paid program is designed to provide students with the skills, the mentors, and the training that will help you thrive in the industry.

Application deadline: January 18, 2019

Who Can Apply

Due to company demand, we are only looking for current juniors and seniors. If you’re not yet into your junior year, we’ll see you soon! For students who already have graduated from college, we unfortunately won’t be able to consider your candidacy.

Matching Process Overview

Currently, we have more than 50 companies signed up to hold a slot for the MADE program. Given that we do not know the exact hiring needs of every company, we have a greater pool of candidates who we are sharing with host companies than we have slots. See below for the process we are using to match students with host companies:

  • Based on student interest and the MADE committee assessment, we have shared the candidate’s entire file (e.g., resume, recommendation, digital interview, online assessment score) with that host company
  • That host company then selects the two candidates who they want exclusivity to continue the conversation. That exclusivity lasts for one week, and after that time expires, other companies can consider that candidate.
  • The host company then sets up a further discussion with that candidate. Some companies will want you to meet the hiring manager. Others might just accept you outright. Every company is different so we are trying to gather as much information as possible and communicate that to you.

A Few Things To Consider

  • Matching process is slow – we are talking to all of our host companies during the month of February. We have stressed urgency but often the matching process is slow (e.g., scheduling conflicts, committee review of candidates, delay in getting back to us). We have created mechanisms to drive greater urgency but can only move as fast as the hiring companies.
  • A match is not guaranteed – we unfortunately cannot guarantee a placement for you during this process. Please treat every opportunity as an interview so that you can make the best possible placement.
  • Competition for just one slot – the company will often be interviewing two candidates from the MADE pool for one slot. Please make sure you are prepared for that conversation.
  • Insight into the MADE host company – we will try to prepare you as much as possible for that conversation with the MADE host company (e.g., what they are looking for, what the candidate process looks like). We want you to succeed.
  • More companies added to the MADE mix – our goal is to enable placement for many of you as possible. We are adding more companies to the MADE host pool every week based on our conversations.

Our Expectations Of You

  • Please just communicate with us if a company is of interest. We expect you to get back to us within two business days. If we do not hear from you, we will then assume you are not interested in that opportunity (and also the MADE program in general).

Please do let us know if you have other offers. We can give you a realistic sense of where you stand in the process based on our conversations.

Click here to apply through handshake.

Behind the Scenes: Animating Biology, A Collaboration Between A Biologist & the Middlebury Animation Studio—Grace Spatafora, Michelle Lehman & Daniel Houghton

How does a biologist collaborate with a student animator to visualize her research? Please join us for a conversation with Heinz-Given Professor of the Pre-medical Sciences Grace Spatafora, student animator Michelle Lehman, and Middlebury Animation Studio director Daniel Houghton. Lunch will be served. Please sign up below so we can provide as accurate an amount of food as possible.

Thursday, December 13th at 12:00 p.m. in the CTLR Lounge.

Check out these great upcoming events happening on campus this week!

Sonia Shechet Epstein ’09, specializes in the intersection of science and cinema. At the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, New York, she runs the Sloan Science & Film initiative which is comprised of a website publishing writing about film from a scientific angle, commissioning scientists on film, and producing educational materials. Also at the Museum, Sonia curates an ongoing film series that brings scientists and filmmakers together for conversation following screenings of rarely seen films.
In her presentation, Sonia will use film clips to illustrate a fascinating talk about the history of documentary science films from the invention of the moving image to the present, and will provide a critical framework to think about what makes a good science film.

Website: Sloan Science & Film (scienceandfilm.org)
Sponsored by the Neuroscience Program and Film and Media Culture


WHEN Wednesday, November 28, 2018, 12:30 – 1:30pm
WHERE McCardell Bicentennial Hall 216
  (Lunch provided at 12:15pm)


Works of hand drawn animations from Studio Art courses ART 185 and ART 200 will be screened along with a concert performance by Raumshiff Engelmayer.
Raumschiff EngelMayer is a multifaceted musician who will be working along with the students finalizing their drawing animations. The resulting animations will be a part of his live concert.

WHEN Thursday, November 29, 2018, 7 – 9pm
WHERE Twilight Auditorium 101

Nascar Diversity Internship Program- Deadline date: 12/31/18

NDIP is a 10-week, paid summer internship that seeks diverse undergraduate and graduate college students with high academic standing at elite institutions. NASCAR Diversity Interns contribute to the complex motorsports workforce; learn from leading sports executives in weekly Lunch and Learns; and network with industry professionals.

2019 Requirements:

  • Be a member of one or more of the following races/ethnic minority classifications: Black or African American, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Latino or Hispanic, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
  • Be currently enrolled in, or be considered a recent graduate of an undergraduate or graduate degree program who has not graduated before fall semester 2018
  • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible to work in the U.S.
  • Be at least in their sophomore year of college
  • Have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale
  • Be willing to relocate to Florida, North Carolina or various locations across the United States

Click here to apply!

The Blue Collar Post Collective is an accessible and focused grassroots non-profit organization, supporting emerging talent in post production.

Their goal is to foster an all-inclusive community and to provide unique opportunities for members to develop professionally. There are no prerequisites or membership fees to join the BCPC. They are a group of over 7000 post-production professionals who want to share their experiences and support each other. This appeals to those who have questions about getting started in post, people looking to advance in their careers, and professionals who want to connect with more of their peers.

The BCPC holds monthly meet-ups and organizes events focused on offering alternative educational and career development opportunities with no barriers to attend. Not only are they building networks for emerging talent, but they work to strengthen the ties between their group and the wider community, through collaborative partnerships, advocacy, social events and innovative programs.


The BCPC is FREE and welcomes all post production professionals. They have no dues or formal registration. If you work in post production and you share their vision, you’re in! Their Facebook group is the main hub for events, information and support. Also follow them on Twitter for up to the minute tech and industry news and insights, as well as live tweets from important events and seminars. You can also join their email list for periodic news and updates from our industry friends and family.

Click here to learn more about this organization.