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Weekly Web Updates – March 6, 2017

The Course Hub now includes sites for the Middlebury Schools Abroad.

We’re continuing to investigate an issue where some members of groups are dropped from Course Hub sites when the sync process runs around midnight. We’ve stopped syncing the Hub during this window and bypassing the errors, but are still searching for the underlying cause of the issue.


Fixes and Tweaks

  • We’ve added a clean print stylesheet to the Commencement schedule page.
  • The Students list on the Davis UWC website is now cached for an hour, which should make it load more quickly for returning visitors.
  • The Facebook and Twitter icons on the New England Review site are no longer loaded through separate requests to the server, which prevents the site from occasionally hanging and taking ten seconds to load.
  • Profile photos on the Middlebury site will now load smaller versions of the image, preventing very large original images from slowing down page loads. These new thumbnail versions are larger than the displayed proportions of the profile images, so you should not notice any visible difference.

Ongoing Work

  • Creating a new website for the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.
  • Building out the configuration of our Omeka, and CAS servers in Chef, which is a configuration management system. We have already completed this work for our Drupal, WordPress, MediaWiki, GO, and the Course Catalog services.
  • Upgrading the Drupal sites for the Davis programs, Dining Menus, and Museum of Art to Drupal 8.
  • Integrating Panopto (streaming videos) and Canvas (LMS).

Workshop for Student Supervisors

Learn about recruiting, hiring, and managing student employees. All student supervisors are encouraged to attend a workshop; whether you are a new supervisor or have been supervising for years. There will be time for questions and answers.

Date & Time: Thursday, March 16th from 3:30 – 4:30 pm

Location: Axinn, room 232 (screening room)

Please email to register.

Eilat Glikman receives NASA funding for use of the SOFIA observatory

Eilat Glikman (Physics) has been awarded a grant from NASA for observations using the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA), which is a telescope carried by a modified Boeing 747SP aircraft developed by NASA and the German Space Agency. Her two-year research project titled Spectral Energy Distributions of Red Quasars involves collaborators from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Yale University, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, the University of California San Diego, and the Leibniz Institute of Astrophysics in Potsdam, Germany. The investigation will involve the study of spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of a sample of dust-reddened quasars and is the follow-up to the results from the summer research of two undergraduates — a Middlebury physics major and a Swarthmore student who was part of the Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium Research Experience for Undergraduates program— working in Dr. Glikman’s lab in 2016. SOFIA is the only facility able to observe theses SEDs, due to its sensitivity at long wavelengths requiring observations at high altitudes, and the data will produce a clearer picture of the complex process of quasar/galaxy co-evolution.

Kareem Khalifa awarded ACLS Burkhardt Fellowship

Kareem Khalifa (Philosophy) has been selected by the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) as a 2017 Frederick Burkhardt Residential Fellow. This prestigious program provides a full year of support for recently tenured faculty members as they pursue ambitious scholarship at a consequential stage of their careers. The fellowship will enable Kareem to spend the 2019-2020 academic year at the Institute for Liberal Arts at Emory University pursuing a research project titled Explanation as Inferential Practice.

Workshops to help you advance your career.

How does your resume and cover letter read? Are you confident in your job interview skills?

If you are uncertain or would like to give the above mentioned a brush up these Learning Workshops are for you.

Staff Council in collaboration with Center for Career and Internships is pleased to announce two workshops.

Creating a Resume and Cover Letter

March 22nd at 12:00-1:00 PM

Mahaney Center for the Arts, Room 126

Limited to 20 participants.   Sign up here


Sharpen your Interview Skills

April 20th at 12:00-1:00 PM

Mahaney Center for the Arts, Room 126

Limited to 20 participants.  Sign up here


Questions about these events, contact your Staff Council Representative or email

Murray and Middlebury: What Happened, and What Should Be Done?

Dr. Charles Murray, a political scientist and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute,  came to Middlebury last Thursday to discuss his book Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010. It did not go well. Murray was invited by the Middlebury student AEI chapter, and his talk was cosponsored (but not funded by) the […]

Student Org Profile: DREAM


DREAM is a mentoring organization that pairs college students with youth from affordable housing neighborhoods. DREAM aims to empower children to lead healthy, productive lives through weekly gatherings with fun and rewarding activities.

During my first semester on campus, I was interested in community involvement and mentoring, and was lucky enough to find DREAM (Directing through Recreation, Education, Adventure, and Mentoring). DREAM is a group mentoring organization for kids living in affordable housing developments around Middlebury, and centers around weekly programming each Friday with activities such as tie-dye, sledding, science demos, field days, and more. As a part of DREAM, I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy the summer camp vibe of these fun Fridays, as well as the chance to develop long term mentoring relationships with kids of a variety of ages in the Middlebury community. Getting to know these kids has become a weekly treat, and watching them mature and grow over the past year and a half has been one of the most rewarding parts of my time at school.

-Sadie Dutton ’19.