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Letting go of an unhealthy habit isn’t easy. Once you start to associate behaviors like smoking with relaxing, or having ice cream while watching TV, they become part of your daily routine. Your first step is to make a decision to change that routine, and replace unhealthful habits with healthier ones.

LifeScope can help with:

  • Tips on how to quit smoking and other tobacco products
  • Articles on healthy eating and fitness
  • Audio on stress management techniques
  • Video on nicotine addiction

24/7 access to confidential counseling support


Tues, Nov 17th at 12pm ET/9am PT & 2pm ET/11am PT

Using strategies developed by the Mayo Clinic, this webinar will help you discover the unrealistic expectations that could be impacting your ability to stick with positive change. To register, log on to with your organization username and password. In the middle of the homepage, click on ‘Online Seminars’ then “Stick with It.” If you are unable to attend, look for the archived webinar under Online Seminars, approximately 7-10 days after the live presentation.


November Tips for Taking Action

You may also be interested in viewing the following tip sheets, which can be found on the member website:

  • Putting a Stop to Smoky Thinking
  • Deciding to Quit Drinking
  • Gambling Addiction: It’s not Whether You Win or Lose, but How You Play the Game
  • Drug Addiction Treatment Takes Time

The November Webinar Promo and Spanish Language Poster can be accessed on the member website by clicking on the ‘Monthly Communications’ button on the top left corner of the homepage.

24/7 Toll-free line: 800-828-6025


Username: Middlebury College

Password: guest

Attend Community Council Monday @ 4:30. This week’s topic: Faculty Stress. All faculty and staff welcome!

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We invite all College community members to attend Community Council meetings. Community Council is a group of ~20 students, faculty, staff and administrators that meets weekly to discuss issues facing the college and make recommendations to President Patton. We meet on Mondays from 4:30 – 6:00 PM in the Crest Room, McCullough. The topic this semester is stress as applied across students, faculty and stress; our meeting on 11/16 will be on faculty stress and how to write a recommendation.

If you cannot attend a meeting but would like to submit a statement to be shared and/or obtain the minutes, please contact Staff: be on the lookout as we move towards discussing staff stress this semester – if you have any personal opinions or narratives please feel free to share at our email. For more info: Go/CC


Update: 15 November

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We are continuing to regularly communicate with our students.  Tomorrow, November 16th, we will welcome them at our Middlebury Center here in Paris to talk about Friday night’s events, to answer their questions, and they will also have to possibility to speak with a counselor.



Live Blogging the Second Democratic Debate

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Following the attacks of November 13th

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All 60 of our students here in France- in Paris, in Bordeaux, and in Poitiers- are safe and sound!

We have advised them to not leave their homes for the moment, to follow the security advisements given by the authorities, to stay informed, and to keep their telephones charged so that our team can contact them and continue to assure that they are safe.  We will continue to regularly communicate with them.


The Week’s Headlines

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Here are the week’s headlines from the News Room:

Math Professors Blog about Active Learning

Athletics Hall of Fame Inducts 10 New Members

The King’s Singers: Sensational Six-Part Harmony

Editor Extols the Virtues of Good Reporting

View past stories by visiting the News Room page.

Teaching Resources & Stories

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Teaching at Middlebury WordPress site

Teaching at Middlebury WordPress Site

The  Library and the Center for Teaching, Learning and Research have been working together to develop a site where Middlebury College faculty can share different teaching methods that are being used across campus. We will also use this site to collect, organize and share resources that can be used to achieve different learning goals. Examples of stories currently featured on the site include:

  • Ways that faculty are using different annotation methods to provide feedback and emphasize close readings of texts
  • Creating collaborative resources to highlight and contextualize course content and themes

We are pleased to share the start of the Teaching at Middlebury site and look forward to working with all of you  to develop and refine the work that has already been done. It is designed to be a dynamic source of new content, connections and opportunities, so we hope you will engage, return, and share your work as you begin or continue your journey as educators at Middlebury. Please visit the site at

We look forward to featuring your work soon!