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Student Org Profile: FTK

For the Kids (FTK) is a Middlebury College student service organization that raises money for our local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, the UVM Children’s Hospital, in Burlington, VT. We are a part of a nationwide movement of over 300 schools to support local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Our culminating fundraising event of the year, the Middlebury Dance Marathon, was held this past Friday from 4-10 pm in the McCullough Social Space. This year we hosted over 150 students, volunteers, CMNH Champions, and hospital staff for a night of live student performances, local food, and, of course, dancing! At the end of night, we were excited to announce that we have raised nearly $20,000 for the children’s hospital! All of the money raised will go directly to the hospital to provide child-life care, research, and medical equipment for the children and families it serves.

Inconsistent problems with Oxford Journals

The relatively new Oxford Academic platform is experiencing some “instability.” Oxford is aware of and working on the problem. Below is one problem scenario. If you encounter this or any other problem, please report it to, including the journal title and issue.

We subscribe to the journal African Affairs. This morning, if I click on the current issue, I see the shopping cart icon next to all the article titles, which normally would indicate we do not have access:However, if I click on the article link, I see the full text of the article. If I then navigate to the journal page and choose the same issue, I see the unlocked green padlock next to all the articles, which indicates we do indeed have access. Oxford has asked libraries to report these problems, with as much information about the journal, issue, article, etc., as possible. If you encounter this or any other problem with Oxford journals or any of our other library resources, please let us know by emailing

Midd/MIIS Travelers

The following employees have reported upcoming travel between Midd and MIIS:

From Midd to MIIS
John Elder, Env. Studies

Mar 4-11

Sheila Cameron, Provost’s Office

Mar 7-16

Chris Spencer, Communications and Marketing

Mar 13-18

Demetrius Borge, Communications and Marketing

Mar 13-18

Molly Anderson, Food Studies

Mar 21-April 3

Danielle Rougeau, Library

Mar 21-22

Susan Baldridge, Provost

Mar 27-31

Pam Berenbaum, Sociology/Anthropology

Mar 29- April 4

Orion Lewis, Political Science


Kathy Foley, ISSS

April 24-28




Representatives from Cigna will continue to visit the Middlebury campus several more times in March through April, 2017. On-site visits are reserved for private, one-one-one meetings between employees and a Cigna representative.  If you have a question about your medical or dental benefits, please make an appointment to speak with our local representative at:

Flexible Spending Accounts Substantiation Requirements

BPI Logo


The IRS requires that all flexible spending account (FSA) transactions –  even those made using an FSA debit card – be substantiated.  This means that the eligibility of each transaction must be supported by an itemized bill or explanation of benefits.  Substantiation is the participant’s responsibility, however our FSA provider, myCafeteriaPlan, monitors FSA accounts and contacts participants, as needed, to remind them of missing documentation.

There are several options for submitting FSA claims and providing substantiation:

  • If you file FSA claims with a paper form through the USPS or fax, and include a valid receipt or Explanation of Benefits with your FSA claims, your substantiation obligation has been met, and you are not required to do anything further.
  • If you file claims using the myCafeteriaPlan web portal or mobile app, and upload scanned or photographed itemized receipts or Explanations of Benefits at time of claim submission your obligation will have been met.
  • If you use your FSA “Benny” card to pay for services you must take extra steps to provide the required substantiation for all claims except for prescriptions (which auto-substantiate). HR recommends that users submit receipts or Explanations of Benefits to myCafeteriaPlan immediately after using the Benny card to ensure uninterrupted FSA access and to avoid tax consequences.  Receipts or Explanations of Benefits can by submitted via mail, fax, the web portal or the mobile app.

To help the Plan and our members remain in compliance with IRS rules myCafeteriaPlan will reach out to participants to request missing substantiation.  Depending on users’ account settings this contact may be via work or home email address, USPS mail, the myCafeteriaPlan web portal or the mobile app.  If you receive a request for substantiation from myCafeteriaPlan please respond promptly; if you do not respond within 68 days from the first correspondence, your FSA Benny Card will be put on temporary hold until proper documentation is received and ultimately there will be tax consequences. Remember, documentation can be easily submitted via the online portal,, or via Mobile App, fax or mail.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact myCafeteriaPlan at 1-800-865-6543 or Human Resources at (802) 443-3372.

If you have yet to set up your access to the member portal for, please do so today!  It’s easy – just follow the instructions at this link: .

Notes for Core Team Meeting:

February 28, 2017

Guests: Jeremy Dean and Nate Angell

The ACTT Core Team met with Jeremy (Director of Education) and Nate (Director of Marketing) from ( ). This followed A two-week “facilitated online experience” using was led by Sean and Jeremy from late January to early February, and Joe, Sean, and Jeremy had a previous conversation about Middlebury adopting

What is

  • All-purpose annotation tool.
  • Can be used for fact-checking.
  • Non-profit, open model.
  • Brings back the idea of an annotated web, dropped in early Mozilla projects.
  • Text is highlighted and links to annotations, which can be text, urls, audio, and video.
  • Uses the W3C adopted standards for online annotation.
  • Groups can be created to filter annotations. Ex. MiddAnnotate
  • Can be used as a commenting feature in a document.
  • Adding annotations requires an account.
  • Can be installed as a Chrome browser plugin.

Plugins and Integrations

  • There is a plugin for WordPress
    • Creates an experience similar to CommentPress
    • Is not theme dependent.
  • Canvas plugin
    • Can be used within Canvas, inline with pdfs.
    • Can be an assignment submission type
      • Can be assessed in the SpeedGrader.
  • Plugins are not browser-dependent.
  • Can be self-hosted, not recommended.

Challenges and Questions

  • What happens when content changes?
    • Answer released next week.
    • All annotations are saved.
    • If content changes, annotations will appear in an “orphans” tab.
    • Annotations can be loaded using Internet Archive.
      • Robot.txt files can block archiving.
  • Diigo is similar, can you import content?
    • If it uses the W3C standards
    • Annotations can be exported.
    • Currently, import and export for Hypothesis are supported via API. John Udell has an export utility that uses API:
  • Browser limitations.
  • Content behind a pay-wall has limitations.
  • Some answers are available in the FAQ ( ).

Middlebury and

  • Some faculty and programs are using
    • Accounts are not tied to Middlebury authentication.
  • Course use vs. Institutional adoption
    • Agreement is currently between the faculty and student for course use.
    • Institutional adoption would involve:
      • Integrating with existing systems (Canvas, WordPress, etc.).
      • Using Middlebury authentication credentials
      • Require adherence to security and data standards.


Next Steps

  • Jeremy will share Education Offering documentation with team (DONE).
  • Joe will share Data Classification Policy with Jeremy (DONE).
  • Team will have a follow up meeting to discuss.
  • Jeremy will keep the Team informed on development.

Jan Dahlstrom Earns Professional Certification

Human Resources is pleased to announce that staff member Jan Dahlstrom has earned her Associate Professional in Human Resources™ (aPHR™) certification through the Human Resources Certification Institute. HRCI is the premier professional credentialing organization for the worldwide human resource management profession.

To earn this nationally-recognized credential Jan had to pass a rigorous examination to demonstrate her mastery of foundational Human Resources topics such as: HR operations, recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, development and retention, employee relations, and health, safety, and security.

Please take a moment to congratulate Jan on her professional accomplishment.