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Employing Middlebury Students this Summer

You may be thinking about employing a Middlebury College student to work in your department this summer. What a great opportunity for both you and the student!  The student can learn important skills (or enhance those they already have) that they will use throughout their life – customer service, time management, conflict resolution, verbal and written communication skills, and so on.

The Student Employment Office Web page has been updated to reflect this summer’s procedures and policies

Please familiarize yourself with these policies so you are well informed and can provide information to the student(s) you hire.


Operation 451 at the Davis Family Library

Operation 451 at the Davis Family Library

Operation 451 at the Davis Family Library

We are proud to participate in Operation 451, a symbolic affirmation of library values celebrated by libraries and librarians across the country. Browse the books and DVDs that we have selected to showcase the importance of access to information, critical thinking, and free expression of ideas.

Tell us what you want us to add! Make suggestions at go/displaysuggestions

Midd/MIIS Travelers

The following employees have reported upcoming travel between Midd and MIIS:

From Midd to MIIS From MIIS to Midd
Cathy Vincent, Human Resources

late January/early February

Melissa Hanham, CNS

Feb 27-29

John Elder, Env. Studies

Mar 4-11

Jeffrey Lewis, CNS

Feb 27-29

Chris Spencer, Communications and Marketing

Mar 13-18

Demetrius Borge, Communications and Marketing

Mar 13-18

Molly Anderson, Food Studies

Mar 21-April 3

Orion Lewis, Political Science


Pam Berenbaum, Sociology/Anthropology


Amy Collier, Provost’s Office

Feb 15-19

Sheila Cameron, Provost’s Office

Mar 7-16

New MIIS Employee

It is my pleasure to announce that we have a new member of the Language & Professional Programs team, Ms. Nenneya Shields. Nenneya is our Operations Manager, succeeding Trish Aportela who transferred into the Student Financial Services department last year.

Nenneya is a MIIS alumna who graduated in May 2016 from the MBA/IPD dual degree program. She is also a proud FMS and DPMI alumna. Upon graduation, Nenneya moved to Uganda to work as the Director of Impact and Learning for Jibu, a social enterprise with a franchise model centered around community health and job creation in East Africa. With Jibu, she focused on impact measurement and business literacy training for entrepreneurs. Her previous work is centered around business development, marketing and communication, and language education. Fluent in French and proficient in Mandarin and Spanish, Nenneya has lived and worked in East Asia, Western Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. She has a passion for operational efficiency, socially conscious business, and languages but is most passionate about her family and motherhood. She is excited to be back in Monterey working for the Middlebury Institute and looks forward to meeting you all!

We are excited to have Nenneya join the LPP team and know she will be a tremendous asset. We ask for your patience as she gets up to speed on the Institute’s policies and procedures in these first few weeks. Nenneya is located here in the LPP office suite, McGowan 103, and she can be reached by phone at extension 4666. Please join me in welcoming Nenneya to the MIIS community and feel free to swing by and say hello when you are in our neighborhood!



Patricia Szasz

Assistant Dean for Language & Professional Programs


Winter Carnival 2017 Figure Skating Show


Saturday, February 18 at 4:00 p.m. and Sunday, February 19 at 2:00 p.m., in Middlebury College’s Kenyon Arena.

The Ice Show features members of the College figure skating club, local youth skaters of all ages and abilities, and special guest skaters.  It’s a fun event filled with music and costumes.  Cheer on the beginner skaters and be dazzled by skaters who perform in national competitions.  Come and enjoy the show!

 Tickets are $6.00 (general admission), available at the door or in advance at the College box office ( 

Kenyon Arena is fully accessible.


Pursuits: The Shopkeeper

Millennials have a reputational rap sheet a mile long. They speak in emojis. They still live with their parents. They’d rather marry their start-up company than a soul mate, and they disdain conformity.

For instance: “I was never interested in a standard nine-to-five job,” says Cade Schreger ’15. “I always wanted to create my own thing, to design my own content and schedule. Not that there’s anything wrong with working for a boss, I just knew I’d be happier working for myself, developing a business plan I was passionate about.”

Schreger is the co-owner of Brooklyn’s newest comic book shop, Mama Says Comics Rock, and if the idea of a millennial comic-book-shop owner—in Brooklyn—seems to confirm every negative stereotype you’ve ever held about the millennial generation, you’d be forgiven. And quite possibly wrong.

While Schreger may be an alum of Brooklyn Heights’s arts-oriented St. Ann’s School—where grades aren’t distributed and creativity is highly rewarded—his off-the-beaten-path sensibilities have always had a grounding in reality. Which is why his father, a well-known lawyer and Brooklyn native, first chuckled at his son’s entrepreneurial notion and then quickly started talking business strategy.

“Our conversations went from ‘Oh, wouldn’t this be nice,’ to ‘Here’s how this actually could work,’ and eventually ‘Here’s how this will work,’” says Schreger of his discussions with his father. (One of the biggest factors, both Schregers say, was the closing of Bergen Comics in nearby Park Slope. The store’s owners plied Schreger and his business partner with advice—and delivered a community hungry for a new store.) Just six months later, Mama Says Comics Rock—adorned with DIY urban decor, bright white walls, and hundreds of comics—opened.

Perfectly at home among the mom-and-pop shops in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill, Mama Says has received a warm welcome. “The community has been nothing but kind,” says Schreger, who is focused on catering to the area’s dense population of young families. Growing up in Brooklyn Heights, Schreger frequented local comic shops, drawn to both the amicable comic crowd and the supply of books that nurtured his obsession with Batman. Aware of the “nerd-in-the-basement” stereotype, Schreger also appreciates how comics unite readers across genders, ethnicities, and social classes.“What I’ve always admired about comics is the culture and community, especially from the readers,” says Schreger. “I’ve been amazed that almost everyone who walks into our store is not only nice and approachable, but genuinely loves the world of comics, and how it can be this bridge between prose and artistic expression.”

To succeed, Schreger knows that his store must be community oriented, which is why Mama Says features the work of local artists along with your standard Marvel and DC Comics fare and also holds regular events. (In September, the shop hosted the 10th anniversary celebration for a graphic novel imprint, First Second Publishing, which is a subsidiary of Macmillan.) “Our goal is to create a place where people know they can go to find comics, hang out, and bring their kids, or meet up with other people inside the community,” says Schreger. “If we can provide a little break in somebody’s day, even if it’s just five minutes of relaxing conversation, it’s worth it.”

A neuroscience major, Schreger is fascinated by the psychology of human behavior, and he says that his interest in human interaction has made retail a natural fit. As for running a business, he says that Mama Says is meeting his early financial goals, though he declines to say what those are. The shop had a very good holiday season, and as Mama Says approaches its one-year anniversary, Schreger is cautiously optimistic about its future. Which is a rather conventional thought—for a millenial.