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Thank You!


Heartfelt thanks to all of you in LIS for your good wishes and for Wednesday’s lovely send-off breakfast for the four of us!  I feel fortunate to have been able to work with you all these years.  With fond best wishes, Jean Simmons


Library Massage Parlor

Submitted by Joseph Watson

massage parlor
“Did you see the massage parlor in the library?” a colleague asked…
In coordination with the Gus Jordan, Dean of the College, two students, Mariella Saavedra and Ann Selvadurai, working as volunteers for a nationwide group promoting wellness called Active Minds http://www.activeminds.org/ sponsored stress breaks with massage therapists in the Harman Periodicals Reading Area during exams  this week. The two local professional massage therapists were kept quite busy!



As we did this past winter, once again we plan to hold another Cookie Night during final exams.   This event is always such a success, providing a wide assortment of cookies for students to munch on while studying.  So, please help to make this Cookie Night just as successful by making your favorite recipes for all to enjoy.  Cookies can be brought to Library 250E throughout the day.

Video Hosting Services Expand

Submitted by Joe Antonioli

Announcing a new video hosting service, MIDDMedia. This service allows for the streaming and downloading of mp4 and flv video, and mp3 audio files for people with Middlebury and Monterey accounts.

In addition, we have integrated this service with our web platforms- the college CMS, Segue, WordPress and Mediawiki. Log into your site, blog or wiki and manage your media, allowing you to add the media to a page.

Is there ONE place that I can go to to see videos created by people at Middlebury? In answer to this question, we have been working with Communications, and are now beta-launching MIDDTube, a place where we can pull together video from many places, whether the video is hosted by MIDDMedia, YouTube, or any other service.

Be on the lookout for White Whale!

Submitted by Joe Antonioli

White Whale Web Services will be coming to campus on April 26th, meeting with faculty, students and staff from all areas of the college.  Monday the 27th and Tuesday the 28th will be full days, with meetings and activities from 8:30am until 9pm.  Wednesday, the 29th, there will be a couple short wrap up sessions before they fly back home to Oakland, CA.

During this visit, they will be meeting with faculty represntatives from Film and Multimedia Culture, Economics and Chemistry.  Students will be able to share their thoughts as White Whale sets up camp during dinner at Atwater Dining Hall on Monday, and Ross Dining on Tuesday.  Meetings have been scheduled at McCardell Bicentennial Hall, Chip Kenyon ’85 Arena, and various places in between.

If you miss your chance to spot White Whale, fear not!  They will be returning to campus at a later date, more information to follow.

Back-up help available for Info Desk

Submitted by Jean Simmons

When you’re working at the Information Desk,

are you reluctant to interrupt another staff person

to get help with a question?


   Remember Pidgin 


One of Reference’s primary roles is to help people with their research.  So it’s okay to interrupt—especially if a pidgin green light is on!  To see who’s readily available,  go to the start menu and then pidgin, to get phone numbers and to see  who’s signed in.  (Pidgin is also available on Circulation Desk computers.)


Even if there are no green lights, please don’t hesitate to refer a research question to someone in Reference.  If it’s off hours, encourage the questioner to send queries electronically.  (This mailbox is checked several times a day.)