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Agenda for Wednesday 9/16

Great news!
Tonya from White Whale will be able to meet with us next Wednesday at our regularly scheduled meeting time. I have changed the meeting location to Lib 221. Hope this works for everyone – this opportunity to meet with WW/Tonya came up rather suddenly. Thanks for arranging this, Ian!

Information Architecture discussion with Tonya from WW

So that we can dedicate the full meeting to this topic, I propose that we vote on the One-Blog readiness at our Thursday meeting.

Please post suggestions for questions we’d like to ask Tonya about the site IA in the comments section of this post.

Be on the lookout for White Whale!

Submitted by Joe Antonioli

White Whale Web Services will be coming to campus on April 26th, meeting with faculty, students and staff from all areas of the college.  Monday the 27th and Tuesday the 28th will be full days, with meetings and activities from 8:30am until 9pm.  Wednesday, the 29th, there will be a couple short wrap up sessions before they fly back home to Oakland, CA.

During this visit, they will be meeting with faculty represntatives from Film and Multimedia Culture, Economics and Chemistry.  Students will be able to share their thoughts as White Whale sets up camp during dinner at Atwater Dining Hall on Monday, and Ross Dining on Tuesday.  Meetings have been scheduled at McCardell Bicentennial Hall, Chip Kenyon ’85 Arena, and various places in between.

If you miss your chance to spot White Whale, fear not!  They will be returning to campus at a later date, more information to follow.