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Cookie Night!

20 minutes after starting the whole thing, it’s already over. That’s because our students, God love ’em, are like piranha when it comes to Cookie Night. Earlier this evening at least half a dozen came up to ask me when the cookies were going to be wheeled out, so I think they’ve figured out our secret plan of having cookies on the Tuesday of exams. Mike Roy, Mary Backus and myself put the sugary goodness you all graciously provided in the lobby, and then stood back (far back) from the feeding frenzy. Mike captured the spectacle on one of Circ’s Flip cams, and we thought we’d share some of the footage. Many thanks to you all for providing our students with a needed break from papers and exams, just a few moments to relax, chat with each other, and enjoy one of Nature’s most perfect foods. And while I’ve been typing this 3 students stopped at the Circ Desk just to say thank you to LIS.







Once again, the library will be open 24 hours a day during Final Exams. It has become a long standing LIS tradition to provide yummy home-baked cookies for our hard working students during exams.   We are happy to say “Cookie Night” will be held again this year on December 8th.  


The students are always so grateful for this cookie break each year, relieving stress and reminding them of the home-baked goodies they grew up with.    Our staff has decreased,  but our spirit has not!    Some of our busiest bakers will not be contributing to the event this year,  so in order to  continue in the LIS tradition, we really need new contributors to help fill the gap (or table).  To everyone who contributes, old and new,  we  extend a hearty thank you in advance. Your kindness and generosity are very much appreciated. 


Cookies can be left outside of Library 250E during the day on Tuesday.    

 – Mary Backus


Cookie Night will be held on Tuesday, May 12th.  As always, we need a large quantity of cookies for the students to enjoy, so please fire up those ovens and help make another successful Cookie Night.  The students truly appreciate all your efforts.

Cookies can be brought to LIB250E throughout the day and don’t forget to put your name on your trays and dishes. 



As we did this past winter, once again we plan to hold another Cookie Night during final exams.   This event is always such a success, providing a wide assortment of cookies for students to munch on while studying.  So, please help to make this Cookie Night just as successful by making your favorite recipes for all to enjoy.  Cookies can be brought to Library 250E throughout the day.



This year Cookie Night will be held on Tuesday, December 9th!  Our students truly enjoy the home-baked goodies provided by LIS staff during a brief late night break from studying for their finals exams.  So, take out the flour and sugar and let’s bake up a storm!

Cookies can be left in LIB250D during the day on Tuesday.  Don’t forget to put your names on your dishes and trays.