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Send us your photostreams, and blogs, and facebook groups, and….

There are lots of places you can go to find people at Middlebury engaged in social media, but most of these are the official content of campus Departments and Offices. We are putting together a new site to highlight the informal online activities of Middlebury faculty, students, and staff. There are a great number of blogging about your life experiences, putting together fun videos, showing off your photography, and organizing for causes, or just for fun with social media.

Send anything you think other people would be interested in seeing to website@middlebury.edu, or feel free to add it to the comment here! Expect to see another post here soon letting you know where to go to see what your peers are up to!

Mary Ruth’s Last Day – June 12, 2009

Submitted by Brenda Ellis

How do you create a disturbance in the collection management area?  Sneak up on Mary Ruth on her last day of work upon retiring and catch her working! Boy was she surprised by the camera and sneaky photographer. 


But wait, what’s that commotion?  Kristin and Joanne can’t wait for their own retirment day and they get in on the celebration!


 But wait…another retiree.  Judy jumps in and now no one can keep a straight face.


Ok stop clowning around – now its time for the (relatively) serious shot


And finally, Mary Ruth and her long-time colleague Bill Warren pose for their own photo.


What a day!  We will miss all our retires – it won’t be as fun here without them.  More photos can be found on the server in the path N:\Orgs\LIS\LISstaff\People & Social\MaryRuth Crawford Retirement.

EXH!BITED-LIS Staff Arts and Crafts

Submitted by Doreen Bernier

June 10th was the opening day of “Exh!bited”, the LIS staff arts and crafts exhibit.

Special thanks to all the LIS artisans for their truly beautiful contributions. This was a great opportunity to showcase our special talents and interests and bring the community together – and also surprise and delight users and visitors.


The opening reception was graced with beautiful live music, courtesy of Dan Frostman.


Early arrivals enjoyed the only edible craft piece – chocolate dipped strawberries.


Included below are some photos from the reception.


The exhibit organizers, Morgan, Doreen and Elin, would like to thank Joseph for his invaluable assistance in setting up the space. Thanks also to Scott and Rachel for their contributions, and with thanks to all for taking the time out from your busy schedules to assist in bringing this exhibit to life.


The exhibit will run until June 26th.

LIS Staff Art Exhibit 038A LIS Staff Art Exhibit 051LIS Staff Art Exhibit 043LIS Staff Art Exhibit 041 LIS Staff Art Exhibit 034A LIS Staff Art Exhibit 052 LIS Staff Art Exhibit 077 LIS Staff Art Exhibit 035A

New Wireless Access Points

Submitted by Howie McCausland
We have just completed installing Wireless Access Points to provide full coverage throughout Coffrin and Stewart dorms, and have installed an extensive new network infrastructure (wired, and wireless) throughout the newly-renovated Proctor to support the new expanded College Book Store.
Good wireless signal is now available in about 90% of campus building interior spaces, as shown on the accompanying map.
 wireless map 6-09





Library Massage Parlor

Submitted by Joseph Watson

massage parlor
“Did you see the massage parlor in the library?” a colleague asked…
In coordination with the Gus Jordan, Dean of the College, two students, Mariella Saavedra and Ann Selvadurai, working as volunteers for a nationwide group promoting wellness called Active Minds http://www.activeminds.org/ sponsored stress breaks with massage therapists in the Harman Periodicals Reading Area during exams  this week. The two local professional massage therapists were kept quite busy!

MIIS Library Celebrates Earth Day

Submitted by Peter Liu, MIIS
Earth Day Display April 21, 2009








The MIIS Library is celebrating Earth Day (April 22) during the entire month of April. Every week we’ll have a new display of books from our collection in our front lobby.

This week we are having a display that features on oceans and marine resources. Here is a picture attachment.

For further information, please visit the library’s blogs at: