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Whither the AD meeting notes?

In case you haven’t noticed, since LISt turned into a blog, we’ve stopped using LISt to publish the notes from our AD meetings. We’re now wondering if anyone misses hearing about the topics we’ve been discussing. One thought we’ve had is to morph the LIS Restructuring Blog, which is a secure blog that only folks in LIS can access, into a LIS Notes Blog, where any/all groups that have regular meetings and wish to share their notes with others can do so in a secure, semi-private space.

This post asks three connected questions: One, should we get back into the habit of publishing these notes? Two, in general, would a single place where all these notes could reside be a welcome thing? And three, does a blog sound like the right place for storing this kind of information?

Please use the comments below or send me an email.

— mike

Spring Symposium

An information session for participants in this year’s Spring Symposium was held on Wednesday night, and I attended on behalf of LIS.  I shared our new Resources for Presenters site, which outlines the support that LIS and the CTLR offer.  LIS will provide workshops on making maps and posters, feedback on practice run-throughs of oral presentations, and assistance with PowerPoint.  In addition, the CTLR will run two public speaking workshops.  The Undergraduate Research Office is expecting about 130 students to participate in this year’s symposium, which is scheduled for Friday, April 17 from 1-6 pm in McCardell Bicentennial Hall.  This is the third annual Spring Symposium, and participants from previous years consistently report that it was a significant and rewarding experience.  All presentations are open to the public.

What’s up with teams?

People have asked what’s up with teams. Here’s the deal. We have in hand self-nominations from across LIS, and we’re sifting through these nominations trying to decide which teams we should start with, and who should be on them. In addition to this, we’re also working with Sheila Andrus from Human Resources to develop some workshops for those in LIS either involved and/or impacted by the formation of teams. These workshops will address:

  • What is the role and responsibility of the sponsor/mentor of a team?
  • What is the role and responsibility of a team leader?
  • What is the role and responsibility of a team member?
  • How does the relationship of a supervisor of a team leader or a team member change when their staff member is now also leading or a member of a team?
  • How should we communicate our plans, priorities, resource needs, and accomplishments?

Once we’ve organized the workshops and recruited the teams, the teams will begin by going through these workshops together. Stay tuned!

— mike