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Murmur — Hear It Here

As most senior fellows mentioned in their recent blog posts, it is time for us to wrap up our undergraduate career and leave. Needless to say, Middlebury will always be a home to come back to, but, we won’t be blogging for a while. Next year, you will hear from another group of senior fellows.

Until then, I highly encourage you to update yourself about Middlebury through MURMUR! Murmur is a bunch of recorded stories about different locations on campus.

You can simply call 802.443.2600. To hear a story, you will be asked to enter a 3-digit code. Here are a few codes for locations on campus:

111: Axxin Center at Starr Library
112: Battell South
113: McCardel Bicentennial Hall/Great Hall
114: McCardel Bicentennial Hall/Greenhouse
115: Bikeshop at Adirondack House
116: The Bunker at FIC
117: Mohaney Center for the Arts
118: Coltrane Lounge in Ross Commons
119: Dog Sculpture at Munroe Hall
121: Franklin Environtmental Center
122: Gifford Hall
123: Mead Chapel (Harris)
124: Parton Health Center
125: Johnson Memorial Building
126: Davis Family Library
127: Mead Chapel (Marlow)
128: Natatorium in Athletics Complex
129: McCardel Bicentennial Hall/Observatory
131: Proctor Dining Hall
132: Stewart Hall

Hear a story!