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Middlebury Student Bloggers

Midd students are opinionated and enjoy sharing their opinions with others.  This fosters lively class discussions as well as countless high-quality student-run blogs.  I’d like to use this post to promote just a few of them.

MiddBlog is Middlebury’s blog for students by students.  Their latest features a letter from Tik Root, the Middlebury student who just returned to the US after being held for two weeks in a Syrian jail after being detained at a demonstration in Damascus.  MiddBlog is great to get a perspective on what is being discussed on campus and provides links to the blogs of other students and administrators.

21CB describes itself as “a fresh, thoughtful voice on the current affairs, popular culture, and web trends of Asia and the Asian diaspora.”  This blog was founded by a Middlebury senior from HK and features contributions from several other Midd students, all of whom have a background in Asia.  (Full disclosure: several of my friends are contributors).

And now for some shameless self-promotion: This blog originated as a project for a seminar I took in the fall, International Order in the 20th Century with Prof. James Morrison.  The blog hosts a podcast series in which three classmates and I discuss some of the key issues from class.  What is the nature of order (and disorder) in the international system?  What is the role of state sovereignty in the context of international integration?  What will the rise of China mean for the structure of the international system?  We discuss these questions and more over the course of five podcasts.

This year’s Fellows are: IN!

If you have visited the Admissions Office since September, you may have seen some of the thirteen new faces that have appeared on the scene – the 2010-2011 Senior Admissions Fellows are in! Check out the just-added profiles for Alhaji Jalloh, Becky Harper, Ben WeitzBen Wessel, myself (Casey Mahoney), Cloe Shasha, Coco Liu, Graham Egan, JJ Janikis, Megan Nesbeth, Melissa Segil, and Vince Blais.

What are we doing here?

So far this semester, we have been settling into the routines of helping with information sessions, working on office projects, putting together the fellows website, preparing for the Discover Middlebury program, and even squeezing in time for a BBQ on a Sunday afternoon not too long ago (snapshot above!).

In the grand scheme of things, though, what are we doing here? Like we’ve written on our senior fellows page on the admissions website: Continue reading