Welcome back to the Middlebury Spring Semester. This is my last term at Middlebury College and by far the busiest too. Its tough balancing all the demands that come with being a student that’s about to leave. Finishing senior theses, spending time with faculty/friends, and thinking about what I want to do in the next phase of life is pretty time-consuming. Add the late new-years resolution of going to the gym and calling home more frequently to the mix… and it’s pretty chaotic. Soon enough though… it will be all over. In less than four months my fellow ’12 classmates and I will be leaving this place and moving onto different things. We’ll have to make some important decisions in the coming months about where we want to be and what we want to be doing – of course, having that choice is a luxury too.

For many of you reading this blog, you’ll have to make some choices too. Soon enough, you will be hearing back from the many (or perhaps few) colleges that you applied to. Good luck! Once all the mail is on the table, there will be offers from various schools and just like the people getting ready to leave college, you’ll be faced with similar perplexing questions about where you want to spend your next for years and what you want to do while you’re there. I honestly can’t offer any advice except to try and be true to the process. Get in touch with current students at the colleges you’re interested in and ask them about obscure things that matter to you.

Rice in the dining hall? Yes. Important to me.

Proximity of laundry facility to room? Yes. Important to me.

Quality of coffee? Yes. Important to me.  (Thankfully something I can control)

Water pressure in shower? Yes. EXTREMELY important to me.

Reach out, talk to people, visit if you haven’t visited already. Whether or not Middlebury is your first choice or not (it wasn’t for me) each school has different things to offer and if you take some time to figure those things out, it will make your overall undergraduate experience better wherever you decide to go. Once again, good luck in the coming weeks. Before you know it four years will fly by.

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