Brilliance Full and Wide: Transcription and Translation of a 1960s Chinese Manual of Poetry and Painting

The following transcription and translation of a 1960s Chinese Manual of Poetry and Painting in the museum’s study collection was created by Rebecca Li ’21 in connection with Professor Cynthia Packert’s spring 2020 course HARC 0347: Aesthetics of Asian Art.

Vergennes to Boston to Rome: A Neoclassical Marble Portrait by Vermont-born Sculptor Margaret Foley

By: Richard Saunders, Museum Director and Professor of History of Art and Architecture In the past year the Museum was able to acquire a stunning neoclassical marble portrait tondo carved in 1862 in Rome. What is particularly notable about the

Meaningful Juxtapositions: Reshaping our Permanent Collection Galleries

Since, as a result of pandemic safety measures, the Museum is physically closed to the public until March of 2021, our staff are taking advantage of the continued closure to rethink substantially the ways in which we contextualize and display

Race in the Woman Suffrage Movement: What the Sources Reveal and Conceal

By: Amy Morsman, Professor of History This time last year, the Museum opened a new exhibition entitled “Votes…for Women?” I served as curator of that exhibit, but I had considerable help, not only from an extraordinary team of talented museum

Label Talk: Museum Mosaics—One Object, Many Voices

During a 2019 re-installation of an Early Byzantine floor fragment, Museum staff invited three members of our community—an artist, an ecologist, and an archaeologist—to offer their perspectives on this mosaic. Recognizing that there are many ways to interpret a single