“whoever writes “I’M A DINOSAUR” on ever post:
i think you are so funny. i’m not being sarcastic. it IS funny and always catches me off guard and i laugh every time.
so thank you.”

The Confessional Self

Does anonymously generated content illuminate aspects of the self that would remain dark in other circumstances?


The power of anonymity truly shines on MIDDConfessional. This power brings out the aggression in people, their values, and intentions (whether good or bad). Do you make use of this cyber-power?

Shake that…

At least in MIDDConfessional, and possibly most other confessionals, students discuss and post about the sexual attributes of other students.  Does this explain the fact that sex always occupies our minds?  Do the students who post these threads search for the excitement of comments from others about these topics?  Sex does sell, and apparently, generates discussions…

Democracy in Action

Can an anonymous forum effectively alter the structure of an institution if the community involved behaves tactfully and tolerantly?

Democracy or Depravity?

Is the rise of “confessionals” simply a function the inherent depravity of college culture? Could ‘confessionals’ signify the emergence of a new interface for collective action?

Social Change

Has M.C. changed the way that you interact with others? Might it be used to foment collective action, on-campus, to the same degree that it does on-line?

Involuntary Communication

(How) Does Middlebury Confessional represent the sentiments of midd students in general? Dean Spears voiced concern over the web-site’s implications? Is he justified and how might this change college policy regarding student conduct?