Examining Your Digital Citizenship

The proposal below outlines a modular instructional component that was designed such that it could be implemented into existing first year advising and orientation activities. It was developed as an assignment for Models for Learning Design at Northeastern University. Here is a brief overview of the project concept.

“Although we often refer to traditional college-aged students as digital natives, in actuality we are making assumptions that since technology use is comfortable for students, their ability to assimilate to a new technology environment does not require supports or instruction. This assumption is extremely problematic given the wide variety of variables in any academic environment. In addition, the assumption that just because students have an online identity, they are aware of their rights and abilities to manage this presence is also often faulty. This proposal is an attempt to address these two assumptions as soon as students become members of our academic community at Middlebury to ensure that students are oriented to technical resources and familiarized with methods that they can use to create and manage their online identity.”