picture of a boy wearing headphones

So you want to podcast….

picture of a boy wearing headphones

boy_stand_headphones by Tom Ray, cc licensed on flickr at https://flic.kr/p/4V6Zfm

Since I started working in Academic Technology five years ago interest in podcasting has remained relatively constant. Over the years we’ve worked to streamline processes and recommendations to make the process of creating a podcast as straight forward as possible. Podcasting is a great way to strengthen a student writers’ voice and encourage them to connect to new audiences in a conversational tone. It also provides a means to consider how ideas and concepts should be organized to tell a story to listeners as well as how reorganizing can shape or manipulate a message.

If you are interested in getting started with Podcasting here are some great resources to familiarize you with the process of creating and teaching the assignment.

Teaching Podcasting: A Curriculum for Educators (from NPR)

Podcasting with Youth Radio (from KQED Teach)

NPR Training – Storytelling Tips and Best Practices

Additional Resources for Middlebury students, faculty & staff:

Suggested podcasting timeline/workflow

Audacity Lynda tutorial

Garageband Lynda tutorial

Equipment Borrowing at Middlebury

Make an appointment with a member of DLINQ

Audio Components

ccMixter – Creative Commons licensed audio files (background music, etc)

Internet Archive – non-profit digital library

Creative Commons Search – a means to search creative commons licensed media files

Tech Sessions

Below is a listing of the tech sessions/classes that I have taught:


Fall 2013, for ENAM 1272A: Lit & Philosophy of Friendship (Professor Billings)

Fall 2013, for EDST 0305A: Elementary Literacy and Social Studies (Professor Hoyler)


J-term 2014, for RUSS 0202A: Intermediate Russian (Professor Wieda)

Final Cut Pro

Spring 2014, for ART 0164A: Sculpture and Video (Professor Huddleston)


Spring 2014, for FMMC 0282A: Videogames: Art/Culture/Medium (Professor Mittell)

Wikipedia Tutorial

Fall 2013, for NSCI 0100A: Introduction to Neuroscience (Professors Cronise and Root)


Fall 2013, for FYSE 1041A: Economics of Social Issues (Professor Holmes)

Fall 2013, for FYSE 1286A: Keys to Dan Brown’s Inferno (Professor Beyer)

Fall 2013, for FYSE 1401A: Bad Kids (Professor Tiger)

Spring 2014, for ENAM 0323A: Cinematic Movement: Poetry (Professor Van Jordan)

Google Sites (Google Apps for Education)

Spring 2010, Hannaford Career Center in-service for teachers