Problem: My syllabus is REALLY long. How do I create hyperlinks to different sections of the content in my Canvas page so it’s easier to navigate quickly?

Picture of many pages of books with lots of words.
Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

It’s important to include a LOT of information in a syllabus so that students can access a variety of information about your course as well as support services available to them. However, it’s also important to make this content easy to navigate on your course site. Although you can perform this function by using HTML anchor tags, the easier and faster method for doing this is by using some new options available in our DesignPlus Tools in Canvas.

To learn more about how to access DesignPlus tools and support materials you can sign up for a flipped learning session on the tool on the DLINQ web site. In addition, if you can’t attend – check out this support doc. (You will need to login with your Middlebury credentials.)

The tool that works best for this functionality is the Accordion/Expander/Tab tool. The video below demonstrates both how this tool functions and how to add it to a page in Canvas using the DesignPlus Tools interface.