How do I make my announcements appear on the home page in Canvas?

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Many faculty use the announcements feature of Canvas to let their students know about recent updates, reminders, upcoming due dates, etc. However, there is a setting you must adjust to ensure that your announcements will appear on the home page of your course. Luckily, Instructure provides step-by-step instructions for how to adjust this setting to meet your needs.

Announcements may be just one component of the communication plan that you devise for your course. (Virtual office hours might be a part of this plan too!) Like all of the pieces of your course it’s important to be transparent and intentional in your use and explanation of these plans to ensure that students follow the unique guidance and expectations that you have for your course and your virtual course space.

Tech Hurdle #1: Moving your iMovie Project

Students are often assigned video storytelling projects using iMovie or choose to use iMovie for multimedia projects because it is familiar to them. It has a somewhat lower bar in terms of ease of use over Premiere – however iMovie projects are also far more challenging to move from one computer to another. This becomes a significant hurdle for students who do not have their own Mac laptop with iMovie installed. In these cases – as well as for back up purposes – it is essential to understand how you can “bundle” your project so that it can be moved to different storage locations.

I’ve created the screencast below to walk you through this process. It was created on 10/18/17 for iMovie version 10.1.7. Closed captions are available for your convenience.