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FALL 2011


Elizabeth King ‘13
Joey Radu ‘13

Staff & Faculty
Tara Affolter—Visiting Asst. Professor of Education Studies
Laurie Essig—Assoc. Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies
Roman Graf—Professor of German
Karin Hanta—Director, May Belle Chellis Women’s Resource Center
Jodi Litchfield—ADA Coordinator
Ximena Mejia—Director, Counseling Services
Sujata Moorti—Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies
Peg Myhre—Staff Nurse, RN
Mack Roark—Senior Technology Specialist
Catharine Wright—Lecturer, Tutor-in-Writing; Asst. Director, Writing

Lorena Espinoza ‘11.5
Mukui Mbindyo ‘11.5
Karen Rauppius ‘12
Steven Dunmire ‘13
Hanna Mahon ‘13
Viviana Lozano ‘14
Charlie Steinberg ‘15

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