Calling New Members!

If you are interested in becoming more actively involved in the work of the People’s Gender Council of Middlebury in the academic year 2011-2012, now’s your chance!

Students: Send an e-mail to containing your name, graduation year, and major(s)/minor(s). Then attend, if at all possible, our meeting this Thursday, April 28, at 4:30 P.M. in Axinn 104. (It’s a regularly scheduled meeting with a full agenda—a chance for you to experience how our group operates, and for us to get to know you. It’s not an interview!) If you are unable to attend the meeting, send us that e-mail anyway! We’ll work something out.

Staff/faculty: Send an e-mail to We’ll be in touch!

And now for some exciting announcements:

  • We’ve added a new page to our website: Projects! It lists and describes all of the PGCOM initiatives that have made significant headway at Middlebury. Check it out!
  • The PGCOM Subcommittee on Individual Empowerment through Official Self-Identification has released a report detailing some recommendations for what a web form that allows students, staff, and faculty to declare their preferred name, gender marker, and pronouns ought to look like. (Excerpt: “Clearly state that in the directory, the applicant’s name will appear as ‘Off-Beat, My Dancing Is,’ while the applicant’s ID card will state, ‘My Dancing Is Off-Beat.'”) Read it here!
  • The PGCOM Propaganda Subcommittee is set to unveil a new piece of agitprop all over campus this week. Stay tuned!

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