Although we meet weekly, most of the work of the People’s Gender Council is done in smaller issue-based subcommittees. Membership of these subcommittees consists of both PGCOM members and anyone from the College community interested in working on a particular issue. Thus, if any of these subcommittees sounds interesting to you, e-mail the group’s contact person or to get involved!

Subcommittee on Education

This subcommittee is focused on answering these kinds of questions: What do we offer? What is important? Where are the gaps in knowledge and understanding and how do we teach? How can our pedagogy mirror engagement and inclusion (in the most radical sense) such that both the content of the lessons and the manner in which they are delivered offer access points and chances for understanding for all?

Contact Person: Tara Affolter (

Subcommittee on First-Year All-Gender Housing

This subcommittee is working on creating all-gender housing options for incoming first-year students in the wake of the implementation of such options for sophomores and above in Spring 2011.

Contact Person: Joey Radu (

Subcommittee on Queer/Questioning Mentorship

This subcommittee is exploring how best to create a support network/mentorship program for Middlebury students questioning their sexual and/or gender identity.

Contact Person: Amelia Furlong (

Subcommittee on Name Changes

This subcommittee is focused on creating resources and structural changes for folks who would like to change their name and other identifying information in the College information systems.

Contact Person: Lark Mulligan (

Subcommittee on Affirming Health Care

This subcommittee aims to work with Parton Health Center to create more affirming and inclusive spaces, policies, and procedures for working with for GLB/queer, trans, and gender non-conforming students, staff, and faculty.

Contact Person: Viveka Ray-Mazumder (

Subcommittee on Employment Discrimination

This subcommittee is seeking to develop the Career Services Office’s resources for students who may face discrimination while applying for jobs, internships, and graduate schools, in addition to working with these students first-hand to prepare and educate them on what their rights and resources are.

Contact Person: Lark Mulligan (

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