Military Recruitment & More!

*We’re still looking for new members of academic year 2011-2012! Click here for more info*

Some exciting updates:

  • We’ve added an “About” page to our website! It contains important (slightly adapted) information from the document formally proposing the creation of the Council.
  • We’ve also included updated sections from the “Opportunities for Progress” portion of the formal proposal on our “Projects” page!
  • The PGCOM Subcommittee on Resisting Discriminatory Military Recruitment Practices has produced a report recommending the College not revert its “Recruitment Policy for Employers” to its pre-Fall 2007 language on the basis of the erroneous belief that the military no longer violates Middlebury’s Nondiscrimination Statement post-DADT repeal. (Hint: The military regularly discharges its transgender members for a variety of inappropriate reasons—a discriminatory practice under a nondiscrimination statement that has at least ‘on paper’ protected our community members on the basis of “gender identity and expression” for nearly eight years.)
  • The Propaganda Subcommittee’s new agitprop campaign kicks off today! Stay tuned.

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