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1983 — “Battell Pranks” lead to establishment of a night guard in first-year dorms; Women’s Union responds

1984 — Sexual harassment policy published in student handbook

1988 — DU Mannequin debacle; fraternities end on campus, movement to start a major in Women’s Studies

1993 — Chellis House, the Women’s Resource Center Established

1996 — Speak-Out Against Sexual Harassment in front of Old Chapel

1999– Status of Women Report (with several different iterations)

2006 — Blue Lights Campaign; White Ribbon campaign

2007 — Rape Free Campaign

2008 — Refuse the Silence

Sexual Assault Oversight Committee Formed and Student-Staff Relationship Policy created

2012 — It Happens Here established

2014 — Beyond the Green and Middlebury College Disorientation Guide created

2015 — Mattress Project

2016 — Stares on Stairs

2017 — The List

2018– Panther Day protest

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