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Stares and Stairs

Stares on Stairs held its first public performance installation in the stairwell of the Atwater suites in February 2016. Fully dressed performers stood next to others who were half-dressed or wearing only underwear, with purple handprints painted on their bodies. The performers held signs that read “Not asking for it,” “Still not asking for it,” and “Sexual assault leaves a mark,” and performed two more installations in Atwater that winter.

Subsequent performances:

  • April 2016: outside of the spring concert, BORNS, at Kenyon Arena
  • May 2016: in Chromatic social house
  • February 2017: in The Mill
  • May 2017: at the “Rites of Spring” party at the Champlain Valley Alpaca Farm

Members of the group posted reflections on their performances on their website:

Facebook page:

Performance Art Piece Raises Awareness of Sexual Assault

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