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In December 2017, Liz Dunn ’18 posted a public Facebook post that named several male Middlebury students as perpetrators of various forms of sexual misconduct. The list grew to over 30 students as people submitted more names to Dunn throughout the day. The men were accused of violations such as “[being] emotionally manipulative,” “sexual harassment,” and “[being a] serial rapist.” The Dean of Faculty and Dean of Students wrote to the entire Middlebury College community; the email acknowledged the post, reviewed resources for people experiencing sexual violence, and linked to the Middlebury Respect for Persons Policy and Anti-Harassment/Discrimination Policy. Within two days, Facebook had removed the post.

Referred to as “The List,” a shortened version of Dunn’s title “List of Men to Avoid,” Dunn’s post received press coverage in publications ranging from (known for publishing Aziz Ansari’s accuser’s account) and Seven Days. In an interview with Seven Days, Dunn said that they met with a campus judicial officer who requested the names and contact information of the people who had contacted Dunn with reports of sexual misconduct. Dunn refused. After returning from winter break (Dunn posted The List during finals week), the judicial officers informed them that they were facing official college discipline for violating college policy. In the spring, they received their final sanction of official college discipline, or a letter that would remain in their file.

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