The Brothers Bourden

At the end of the screening of The Prestige last wednsday the question was raised, “Why does the one Bourden brother get to live while his brother and Angier both die?” The same question was raised again at the end of class on thursday. I am slightly embarrassed to say it but I spent a good […]


I felt awful when I woke up yesterday and decided to spend the day in bed resting and trying to feel better. While I was there I decided to try and kill two birds with one stone and do some “research” on GTA while I rested. The more I play GTA the more impressed I […]

Another idea I had for a paper topic was to do some research on one of the premium chanel networks (HBO, Showtime, ect.) that has consistently popular series and see where and how they come up with their ideas and how these ideas become realized. The idea would be to look at the process of what […]

Football As a Narrative

I was thinking about ideas for my paper the other day…well ok I was actually watching football the other day… and then I started to think about my paper and I thought it would be a cool idea to look at NFL or college football as a narrative. I think that the football season can […]

Barton Fink

I really enjoyed Barton Fink for the first hour or so, I thought it was really funny in a ridiculous sort of way but towards the end of the film I found myself restless. Part of my restlessness may be attributed to the last half hour of a three hour screening, and although my attention span […]

The Singing Detective

Shortly after last nights screening of The Singing Detective I began to wonder when the show lost my interest. I can remember after the first two screenings I liked it so much that I would show up to the next weeks screening without knowing or caring what the sreened film would be because I was […]