I felt awful when I woke up yesterday and decided to spend the day in bed resting and trying to feel better. While I was there I decided to try and kill two birds with one stone and do some “research” on GTA while I rested. The more I play GTA the more impressed I become with it. The actual physical story world is enormous (I don’t even have the full map completed yet and it already takes me a good ten to fifteen minutes to go from one point of the map to the other. What is even more impressive than the size of the map is the number and depth of the different narratives and the level of choice that gameplayer has when deciding which story to follow or which course of action to take next. The game is progressed when the main character beats certain missions, with each mission that is completed the player earns more money, power, and respect (the holy trinity of the gang world). However, if one so chooses they can forgo the missions that will finish the game and choose to do other side or fringe missions that will help them become stronger or faster or give them better endurance before trying to complete missions that will take our main story to to conclusion. All in all the game is set up like an enormous movie with a main plot line and main characters and then a collection of other smaller characters and plot lines, but seeing as the game takes longer to play then it takes to watch a movie all of the plot lines and characters have to exist in a good amount of depth and for a long time.

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