GTA Vice City

I played some GTA this past weekend and I have to say it was the most fun I have had doing work for a class in a long time. The game was fun to play and it was interesting too. Once you turn the game on you are brought to a blue screen that looks like a […]

Singing Detective

At the begining of The Singing Detective last night I was having a little trouble understanding what was going on and it took me a few minutes to understand how the story was being told. I eventually caught on to what was happening and started to really enjoy and appreciate it. After our discussion in class today about […]

I was thinking about our discussion yesterday in class about the diegetic and mimetic styles. The way that I understand it diegetic is when the film makers make it clear to the audience that they are being told a story, either through a narrator or the way they shoot the and edit the movie. Mimetic is […]

Hello world!

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