The Singing Detective

Shortly after last nights screening of The Singing Detective I began to wonder when the show lost my interest. I can remember after the first two screenings I liked it so much that I would show up to the next weeks screening without knowing or caring what the sreened film would be because I was that excited about The Singing Detective. But shortly after the third screening I began to have doubts about how intertested I was in it and after last nights screening I have all but lost interest. Don’t get me wrong, I am still eager to see how the series is wrapped up and how all of the pieces will come together but somewhere in the various storylines and plot twists I lost interest in the story.

I think part of my problem can be attributed to the complex way the story is told and the multiple plot lines. There are so many story worlds within the story world that I find it hard to believe that they will all be completed or meet my expectations. I thought that by last nights episode the story would begin to become more clear and that the stories would begin to come together…and they did sort of – but not enough that I believe that all the stories will come together enough in the last episode so that it does not feel rushed or forced (I hope that this makes sense). I think that because of the way the story unfolds and is told to us, I became more interested in the form then the content. I understand that it is a mystery story and part of the fun is trying to figure out what is happening and what will happen but I feel that in this case the structure takes away from the content, at least for me, because I have become more interested in how the stroy is being told then what the story is.

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