Football As a Narrative

I was thinking about ideas for my paper the other day…well ok I was actually watching football the other day… and then I started to think about my paper and I thought it would be a cool idea to look at NFL or college football as a narrative. I think that the football season can be looked at like a recurring series filled with different plot lines, new developments, and even twists. The season itself offers new “episodes” every weekend and after the season is over there is the off-season which is another sort of show by itself, new characters get introduced via the draft and the plot lines are laid out for the next season’s episodes. What makes the narrative more interesting are network sports shows and talk radio stations that cover every move made by every player and coach on every team – with such intense scrutiny place on the personal and professional lives of our characters the narrative can be looked at like a 6 month long soap opera. Anyway I think that this would be an interesting topic to look into and I think that there is a lot of interesting research and analysis that could be done on it. What do people think?

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